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Tulum Mexico Vacations Provide Peace And Relaxation Over Cancun Resorts

Updated on January 18, 2011

Unfortunately the Cancun resorts have become over developed, and turned into the commercialized Vegas like playground that many are trying to avoid when going on vacation today. Sure, Cancun is great for Spring break, and all those wonderful drinking contests, and college girls running around drunk in their thong bikinis. If you are searching for a soulful restoration of mind and body then Tulum Mexico is going to fill that bill. In many ways, this little slice of paradise is what Cancun, and Cozumel started out as in the beginning, but that was decades ago, and now people are searching for those Tulum beach resorts of the world.

Tulum Mexico Beach Resorts

Quite honestly, it is probably left to being a secret from the mass consumer market as the owners of these resorts moved to Tulum to get away from the squalor of big city life. Many proprietors of Tulum beachfront rentals are Americans that moved down there over thirty years ago to live out the rest of their lives enjoying the pristine white sand beaches and the turquoise blue waters of Tankah Bay. Actually many who try Tulum, are hooked after their first beachfront vacation, and the first they do when getting home is check with their human relations department at work to see when there next vacation slot is available.

Tulum Beach Mexico Rentals Photo

Next Time Try Tulum Mexico Instead of Cancun Resorts
Next Time Try Tulum Mexico Instead of Cancun Resorts

Tulum Beach Front Rentals

Twenty or so years ago you could buy a villa just a few yards away for the shores of the bay in the village of Tankah, but now the few that are available are in the millions of dollars for a price range. Back in the 1980s, the same went for thirty thousand dollars or less. But you can still enjoy what the owners found and fell in love with back then, and rent a house, villa, cabana, or casita at a very reasonable price to enjoy for a long weekend, or by the week.

Tulum Mexico Beach Rental Video

Tulum Mexico Map

So, go to Google and start looking for a Tulum Mexico map so you can see where it is located. The easiest way is to find the Cancun International Airport, and follow the coastal highway south for about seventy kilometers. Since you will be flying into Cancun to get to your Tulum beach rental, you can rent a car, or ride a bus. Taxi services are very reasonable down there too. If you drive it with a hired car, it will take you about one and one half hours to arrive at the Slice of Paradise Resort.

Lazy Lapping Shores Of Tankah Bay Near Tulum Mexico


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    • covenantguy profile image

      covenantguy 6 years ago from New Zealand

      I must say I really enjoyed Mexico even though we did stay in the big smoke of Cancun

    • profile image

      Carol 7 years ago

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