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Tulum Mexico

Updated on February 5, 2012

When you are not anchored to a particular location like with a conventional brick and mortar style business, you can pick and choose where you want to live from moment to moment. The Internet marketing crowd is one such group of professionals that work out of motels, apartments, and motor homes or even at a tropical paradise like Tulum Mexico. Working online in your bathing suit, while basking in the sun on the Yucatan Peninsula is very possible for these nomadic geeks that like to enjoy life and make money online at the same time. Writing code or content from a Tulum beachfront cabana or a snow covered house in upstate New York is a decision that they can make at the snap of a finger, well that is if they are single or have an adventuresome spouse.

Tulum Mexico Resorts

Tulum Mexico - Beachfront Villas and Cabanas
Tulum Mexico - Beachfront Villas and Cabanas

Internet Marketers Love Tulum Mexico

Just imagine creating your web content on your laptop while lounging in a beach chair just ten to fifteen feet away from the blue waters of Tankah Bay. If you are use to a fast paced urban life it may take a little more time getting use to the sounds of nature rather than the blaring car stereos, and other noise pollution you may have become accustomed to living in a Metro area like Houston, Chicago, or New York. The calming sounds of the oceans, toucans, and other aviary that populate the beachfront will actually have a calming effect like you have never experienced.

Where Is Tulum Mexico

Tulum Mexico Resorts Are Addictive

Where is Tulum Mexico will have been a question looming since you started reading this information, and the answer is simply about seventy miles south of Cancun International Airport. You can easily transport yourself with a car rental, or take a bus. Taxi's are available but might be a little too costly for such a lengthy ride. In any event, once you arrive, and are settled in, you will not want to leave anytime too soon, as the relaxing atmosphere of Tulum beach is like a hypnotic drug that just makes you want increasingly more time on the beach. Many tourists to the area will extend their winter or summer vacations at Tulum beach resorts for up to a week if the lodging is still available at the time.


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