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Turkey - The Tourist Town of Olu Deniz

Updated on November 11, 2013
Main Street of Olu Deniz
Main Street of Olu Deniz | Source

Olu Deniz

Olu Deniz, Turkey, is a popular holiday destination for many tourists from the cooler and more northern parts of Europe, particularly the UK. The town has some breathtaking scenery and the locals are very friendly towards the thousands of visitors who land on their doorstep every year. Olu Deniz takes about an hour to reach by car from Dalaman airport. You can take a taxi, or book a shuttle service at the same time you book your flight, which will be somewhat cheaper.

Olu Deniz Beaches

Although Olu Deniz is not a typical Turkish town because it caters to the many tourists that visit every year, yet it is not a resort that has ugly high-rise hotels, and this will not change any time soon because the government of Turkey have given the resort protection status, New hotels must be constructed away from the centre of Olu Deniz. A nearby resort named Hisaronu contains larger hotels and apartment blocks that have been built to cater for the large numbers of tourists in the area.

The natural lagoon at Olu Deniz is a beautiful place that has been used in holiday brochures to advertise Turkey for many years. It is very safe for bathing, but it can become overcrowded. For those who prefer to be away from the crowds there is Paradise Beach (Kidrak), which takes around 30 minutes to reach from the resort of Olu Deniz on foot. It is worth the walk if you like peace and quiet, as you will find it quite isolated, and perfect if you want to relax with a good book.

A bird's eye view of Olu Deniz lagoon and beach.
A bird's eye view of Olu Deniz lagoon and beach.
Butterfly Valley
Butterfly Valley

Tourist Attractions

When holidaying in Olu Deniz, as well as partaking in the usual watersports that are typically found at tourist resorts, you can also paraglide off Mount Babadag, one of several mountains that tower over the resort. An optimal way to do this is in a tandem jump with a trained instructor: Jumps begin at dawn and finish at dusk. This is an opportunity that you are not likely to come across many times in your life, and anyone who has accomplished it will recommend it highly. When descending, you will be able to see for several miles and also have spectacular views of the lagoon. There are several companies offering paragliding jumps so it is a good idea to shop around.

Those who prefer something a little less exhilarating may opt for a walking or trekking tour. Butterfly Valley is a few hours walk from Olu Deniz, which is famous for being home to the beautiful Jersey Tiger Butterfly. During the summer months a huge variety of different butterfly species can be spotted in the valley.

If you enjoy walking, you might also want to walk along the Lycian Way which affords breathtaking views over the coastline. However, you must be fairly fit to do this walk, as in places the path is quite steep and not suitable for those who are looking for a relaxing stroll.

Nightlife in Hisaronu
Nightlife in Hisaronu

Nightlife in Olu Deniz

There are many restaurants to chose from in Olu Deniz if you are on a half board or self-catering holiday, or even if you are full board and want to sample local cuisine once in a while. You will find there is a wide choice including traditional Turkish fare, as well as Indian and Chinese restaurants, among others.

The nightlife in Olu Deniz consists of small bars where you can relax and chill out; there is only one nightclub in the town which is open–air and on the beachfront. Bars open quite early in the day to allow tourists to have a drink while enjoying the sunshine and blue skies. At around 10 pm the seafront livens up, as tourists and locals begin to arrive on the bar terraces and relax over a few drinks.

Younger people might prefer to take the 10-minute bus ride to the neighbouring town of Hisaronu, which has plenty of busy, vibrant bars and clubs that stay open until the small hours.


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    • whatswhatnow profile image

      whatswhatnow 5 years ago from Spain

      Yes, it is a beautiful part of the world. The paragliding of the mountain is on my bucket list :)

    • hildred profile image

      hildred 5 years ago from Oregon, USA

      Very interesting hub. I have some friends in Turkey and would like to go someday, maybe I'll stop by here one day!