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Turkey calls for tight budgets

Updated on May 6, 2011

Tight times for holidays

These are tight times for everyone and as the summer rushes towards us many are still agonising over the possibility of a foreign holiday or not. Holidays at home have things to commend them of course, but if you have ever experienced a wet week on the East Coast with the family, especially youngsters, you will appreciate those who say they go back to work for a rest! So is there a decent foreign alternative that budgets could possibly embrace?

The delights of Turkey were unknown to us  till 1996, but after our first trip we have holidayed annually in different parts of this sun soaked country ever since. Our first trip took us to Hisaranu, Fethiye and Olu Deniz ,where the climate ,the sun and sea together with the friendliness of the Turkish people won our hearts.

Since then we have taken in Marmaris, Icmeler, Turunc, Kusadasi, Borum and several other venues. We have never been disappointed and had value for money at all times, sometimes much more than we paid for.True, you can get unlucky but that is possible anywhere and we have not been disappointed ourselves.

So, if the purse strings are tight, we, as typical UK people do not hesitate to say that Turkey is worth a try. You will get what your budget allows for sure and be virtually guaranteed wall to wall sunshine in the process. We are not aligned to the Turkish Tourist Board or suchlike, but feel that others may this year take a chance and find the jewel that we did back in 1996 and which has served us so well ever since. We wonder how many others feel likewise? Do let us know.


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