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Twelve Bucks for a Million Dollar View

Updated on March 21, 2018
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Deecy is an avid reader and traveler (not tourist!) and occasionally loved to be isolation. Yes, she is weird in some way.

Entry to the million dollar view

Highway 1 was such a relaxing drive.

I arrived 10 minutes before 1pm on a sunny Wednesday. A sign that said ‘Point Sur Lightstation’ greeted me at the farm gate. I could see a paved path leading up to the lighthouse. Besides the little hill where the lighthouse situated on top, I saw the Pacific Ocean to the horizon and white wooden fence running along the bare land.

Before going further, I must confess the reason I made a stop here. A road trip along Big Sur has always been on my bucket list. Who can resist the scenic drive along the Pacific Ocean? Moreover, I was ending my two-year stay in the US so this road trip has to happen.

I vowed to get the best view out of this drive. I’ve done some research and considered many ways to do it. Stay at a USD2,000-a-night hotel that sits over the cliff? Maybe if I have a million bucks in my account. Having coffee at one of the over-priced cafés overlooking the coastline? Well, time wasn't on my side since I wanted to visit as many places as possible during the day.

The only way to do this without hiking into the national park is to visit the Point Sur Lighthouse. It only costs USD12 for a three-hour walking tour. Yes, I was travelling on a budget and rumor has it, it was haunted.

A docent came and unlocked the gate. He beckoned me to drive ahead. The view at the foothill of the lighthouse was simply breathtaking. After the brief introduction by the volunteers, other visitors and I walked up the steep path to the lighthouse. Along the way, I spotted whales and found sea lions and otters resting near the coast.

During the tour, we visited the keepers’ quarters and went up to the top of the tower. The only ‘eerie’ feeling for me was how the inside of the keepers’ quarters remained in the 1970’s after the last keeper moved out in 1974. The lighthouse is now working automatically.

At the end of the tour, I valued the great work of the keepers working in an isolated environment to keep the ships and sailors safe. I gained not only a private access and tour to a historical place; it also started my fascination on lighthouses all over the world. Nonetheless, I am proud that I contributed to the Point Sur State Historic Park and got a bookmark when I left.

Tips: If you’re on the 1pm Wednesday tour during winter, be sure that you’re fit to drive to your next destination as the tour ends around 4pm. Sun sets quickly and the entire Highway 1 will be pitch dark. Driving can be dangerous. I experienced it firsthand!


If you’re on the 1pm Wednesday tour during winter, be sure that you’re fit to drive to your next destination as the tour ends around 4pm. Sun sets quickly and the entire Highway 1 will be pitch dark. Driving can be dangerous. I experienced it firsthand!

© 2018 Deecy


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