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Lagos Apartments for Rent

Updated on September 6, 2011

Rent an Apartment in Lagos Nigeria

If you are looking for accommodation in Lagos Nigeria especially one that suits your pocket and taste, I have compiled a small list of potential fits for your accommodation needs.

Cheap single room Apartment

For the low income earners or people with very small budgets for accommodation, these single room apartments or face me I face you as they are locally called are quite affordable but hardly convenient. There is loss of privacy as you get to share a kitchen, bathroom and toilets with co-tenants. However house rents are small and could be paid monthly unlike the other apartments that require annual payments.

Single Room Flats or Self Contained

These are the second cheapest types of accommodation and are very suitable for young people seeking a more convenient accommodation that offers convenience and affordability at the same time. You get a single living room with bedroom, toilet, kitchen and bathroom.

2, 3 or 4 bedroom Flats

These types of apartments are available in any part of the state including the slums but they are a bit expensive for most residents. They are convenient or middle income earners and small families.


For people looking for privacy and exclusivity, these apartments are the least expensive according to taste. They are expensive to rent and can rightly be described as a status symbol especially if they can be found in highbrow areas of the state. Of course they are convenient for small families as well as upper middle class folks.

Twin Duplex (4 or more rooms with Bathrooms, toilets and kitchen)

These set of apartments are usually found in the highbrow and expensive parts of Lagos. They are common with upper and middle level management staff of large corporations or high end business executives. Of course they are expensive but provide the needed privacy and exclusivity that comes with living in highbrow Lagos.

Single Duplex

These apartments come with buoys quarters and at least 4 rooms. They usually have 2 or more bathrooms, 3 toilets, a kitchen and an extra room as store. You have to be rich to rent such a place or if you have worked hard enough save and buy or build one of your own. They are truly good investments for landlords.

Luxury Accommodation

They are the most exclusive apartments for rent or even ownership. The owners or occupants of such accommodation are usually rich or super rich folks many of whom are expatriates working in the oil and gas industry. Many of them are executives in multinational companies, while some are diplomats, businessmen or highly skilled experts in various fields especially engineering and construction, banking and finance, media services among others.

Hotels and guest houses

For people who want to stay for a few days as visitors or rich people who want exclusivity, hotels and guest houses are plenty to find. But be on the look out for overpriced hotels and guest houses that are shadows of their old selves. Living in hotels or guest houses is not a good idea for economic reasons.


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