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UFC Travel Packages for The Ultimate Fighting Championship

Updated on May 14, 2012

UFC Travel Packages - The Ultimate Fighting Championship Luxury Travel Packages

How popular has the UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship become in North America and other places around the world? This mixed martial arts fight fest has managed to become so popular that travel and tour companies now market UFC Travel packages to anywhere in the world the UFC fight schedule shows that some UFC fights are to be held.

The typical itinerary includes the following highlights.

  • Two or more nights at the customers choice of hotel
  • Private chauffeured Roundtrip Airport Transfers
  • Daily UFC Breakfast at the hotel
  • Special Tickets Reserved for the UFC ultimate fighting championship bout selected by the customer
  • Special UFC Souvenir for the UFC event attended
  • Full Time Staff on call for any type of travel assistance

Prices vary according to the location, mode of transportation chosen and hotel selected by the customer. This is a tailor-made sporting travel package designed to cater to the needs of UFC ultimate fighting championship fans. The package is totally customizable so it may or not may be considered as a luxury travel package.

UFC Travel - Ultimate Fighting Championship

The Ultimate Fighting Championship
The Ultimate Fighting Championship
Ultimate Fighting Championship Travel Packages
Ultimate Fighting Championship Travel Packages

What is the UFC Ultimate Fighting Championship

The UFC started holding bouts in 1993. Its creators were an advertising executive and a Jiu-Jitsu expert from Brazil. In the early years, UFC fights were meant to be contests between fighters specializing in one type of martial arts against another fighter favoring a different form of martial art. Due to early popularity, further fights were planned. These UFC fights were advertised as no rules, no holds barred and no time limits on the matches that were just short of a fight to the death.

Because of the intense brutality of the follow up fights, many states barred UFC bouts and arenas refused to allow their facilities to be booked for events. The original creators went out of business soon thereafter.

Two brothers from Italy took over the UFC Ultimate Fighting Championship in 2000 and hired Dana White, a former boxer and bout promoter, to run operations. An opportunity to be reintroduced on a Spike TV show, named “The Ultimate Fighter,” helped the UFC get a foot into cable television. The sport continued to grow in popularity. In 2007 the UFC bought the Pride Fighting Championship from Asia. From that moment on, UFC bouts began taking place in locations that have spread all over the world. By the end of 2011, the UFC Ultimate Fighting Championship was shown on television in more than 170 countries worldwide.

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