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UK | Britain | England -:- Union Jack Flag Souvenirs

Updated on July 24, 2014

If you're a true Brit and want to show the world, there's no better way than with the national flag.

The Union Jack has a rich history and is recognized world wide. It was first created in 1801 as a meld between the English red cross, on the white cross of Ireland, placed on the white saltire of Scotland. Each symbol represents its countries patron saint.

The flag is a well known symbol that can be used to identify nationality no matter where you are - as well as show national pride. The flag has also been the base for other flags including that of Australia and New Zealand.

Below you'll find some of the merchandise available to buy for national pride. Flags will be one item that are quite popular with the upcoming wedding of Kate and William.

Union Jack Flags

Flags are available in a range of sizes depending on what you'll need them for.

They range from small toothpick size flags to ones large enough to place on a car or even big enough to hang from the side of a building.

They are also available in a range of material depending on how long and how strong you require them to be - ranging from cotton through to nylon and even heavy duty tarpaulin style plastic.

Union Jack on Technology

If you want to show your national pride but don't feel like carrying a flag around with you, there are plenty of other options.

If you have an iPhone or laptop that you regularly use, there are many different cases and stickers available of the Union Jack.

For something a little different you can also purchase ear buds as a small token of national pride.

Nearly every size and style is available for phones and laptops, simply click through on the right to find your phone.

Union Jack Jewellery

If you'd prefer something a little more stylish, why not add to your outfit with some cute jewellery?

There is a huge range to match any fun outfit from cuff links for the guys through to ear, tongue and belly button rings for the girls.

A must have for any celebration and they can make the final finishing touch on your red, white or blue outfit!

Union Jack Clothing

Of course if you just love your country to bits, you can go with one of these great shirts or scarves.

Available in a range of styles, colors and sizes, their is a union jack item of clothing to suit everyone.


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