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UK Car Hire

Updated on February 24, 2014

UK car hire

If traveling to the UK you will often also want to Hire a Car. Why Hire a car in the UK? I can hear you ask. What is wrong with using other forms of transport such as trains, the bus, coaches or even walking? These are all very good forms of transportation that have a place and a time, and they can transport you safely and easily but the one big drawback is flexibility. For flexibility, the ability to follow your own plans at your own time rather than someone elses then hiring a car could be the way for you, or you could ask a friend to drive you around when you want to go somewhere, but not all friends are able to do this.So we decide that we are looking for UK Car Hire

Uk Car Hire

Finding UK Car Hire

How do we find the best deals in UK car Hire. First of all where do we want to Hire the Car from and do we want to drop it off in the same place? If not then we want One Way Car Hire. This is when you pick up a car in one location and drop it off at another. This option can prove more costly than picking up and dropping off the car in the same place as the car rental company may have to employ someone to return it to the starting point.This would prove useful if you wanted to pick up the car in London and drop it of in Glasgow.

Normaly you will pick up the car at your arrival point which is often, for visitors to the UK, London. All the major London Airports have Car Hire agencies operating from them but be aware that hiring a car from an airport can be more costly than downtown hiring as many agencies add an extra fee for airport pickups, this is because the cost of renting premises at airports can be high and they want to recoup this cost, sometimes plus some, from the poor fellow hiring a car. It must also be remembered that it costs money to get to another location to hire a car so it may be more conveniant to bit the bullet and pay the extra. On longer rentals this fee is often not imposed.

Car hire is available throughout the UK from Aberdeen to York including Leeds, Brighton and Manchester,


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    • profile image

      sherlynavia 9 years ago from United States

      Hey Bahrain,

      Very nice hub related to Car hire. Transport by car is really very flexible when compared to other means. I surfed several sites for car hire details but your hub is one of the best I have gone through.