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U.S. Troops to Jordan

Updated on April 18, 2013

Up to now, Obama has not done much to resolve the Syrian uprising for good or not.But, as the war spirals into more fray and Assad loses more of a grip to the rebels (like the recent partial capture of Homs by the rebels), America is gingerly beginning to prepare for what may come by sending 250 soldiers from the 1st Armor Division to Jordan, which borders Syria.

These soldiers are to set up a command post to coordinate humanitarian aid for now and to advise Jordanians about Syria's chemical weapons - whether to capture or dismantle. There is no desire to use combat troops in the Syrian war at this stage. While the US refuses to arm the rebel factions, several other countries are and have been. Obama hopes that by sending in US troops it will bolster those rebel forces the US considers to be less radical, but we all know how this ends up. Some special forces are already in Jordan.

Al-Qaeda of Iraq and Nusra are of great concern to the US and to the Free Syrian Army, thought to be more moderate and wanting a democratic state.

But any student of history knows full well what the future holds. In the early 1960's, this number began America's involvement in Vietnam. At first, it was just special forces and advisers, then by 1964, thousands were there trying to help the South Vietnamese forge an army. By 1965, America simply took over from them. This is not to say this will occur, but intervention starts out softly and if Assad is killed, overthrown by al-Qaeda factions or if the chemical weapons are used or captured by extreme forces such a Nusra, this may be enough for America to enter into the fray.


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