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USA Road Trip Winter approaching in Ohio

Updated on September 16, 2012
Travelling east and the winter approaches.Heading for Niagra and New England
Travelling east and the winter approaches.Heading for Niagra and New England | Source
Hocking Railways - Lancaster, Ohio.
Hocking Railways - Lancaster, Ohio. | Source
Tickets please!
Tickets please! | Source
Old Coalmining area-Hocking railway
Old Coalmining area-Hocking railway | Source
USA Excellent info boards
USA Excellent info boards | Source

Road trip as winter approaches

Week 17- Changing of the leaves.

A very welcome week with our good friends the Runyans in Maryville Ohio gave us a great break, sleeping in real beds and being spoilt

Sunday in Marysville ended up by being, in fact, Sunday in Lancaster and the Hocking Valley Scenic Railway. We left at 8.00 from the Church Building with “the young at heart” group and travelled to the Ohio Hills to the S/E and worship with the congregation at Lancaster, lunch at Applebee’s and a train ride along the historic mining area in the Hocking Valley culminating in a visit to the 19th century village at the campus of the local university where various arts and crafts of days gone by were demonstrated by local volunteers from the community and student body. We were excited to see a group of Snow Geese on one of the lakes. All in all an enjoyable outing, with Doward doing the driving, yours truly the navigating and assisting with the driving and Audrey smugly enjoying the fact that we managed to get well and truly lost twice in spite of a detailed set of instructions and maps prepared by the organizer and this being the area where Doward had grown up.

It was somewhat complicated by the fact that Doward stopped to buy some coffee and a burger at the local fast food outlet and then proceeded to eat/drink it while I held the steering wheel!

Wondered how I would have explained it to the magistrate if we had been pulled over on the highway by a State Trooper. “Tell me again who was driving the vehicle?” Well your honor, if you mean who was holding the steering wheel it was me!” “And Mr. Runyan?” “Well he was in the driving seat but was studying the map and drinking his coffee.” “And Mr. Smulders, I see your driving license says –with glasses.” “Yes, your Honor, but I was not really driving and in fact did not even anticipate being an assistant driver and so I left my glasses at home.’ “Who was actually in control of the car?” “Well that is debatable your honor!” Yeh, yeh, I wonder what the prisons in Ohio are like? From what I hear not too good! I wonder if Audrey and Lena would have bailed us out? I doubt it!

With winter fast approaching, the leaves are changing from hour to hour and producing a kaleidoscope of yellow, red and orange colors that, while bringing gasps of amazement from the two of us who live in tropical climes, defy capturing on our continuously clicking cameras. A last shopping spree for Audrey (mainly window shopping) and golf game for me on Monday(shot 86) and then we hit the road to the N/E and Niagara Falls and hopefully many more changing leave colors to capture. The thought of packing all our things into Matilda and hitting the road after our luxurious week here in Marysville is daunting indeed. The hospitality of the Runyan’s continued as Lena and the girls packed the van with food.


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    • Jackie Lynnley profile image

      Jackie Lynnley 

      6 years ago from The Beautiful South

      Thanks for taking us along. Great read.

    • aviannovice profile image

      Deb Hirt 

      6 years ago from Stillwater, OK

      Wow, what a really great trip. You could well have seen more of this country than I have. Glad that it has been so much fun for you, even joint driving without glasses


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