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USA Road Trip week 18 Leaving the NE as winter arrives

Updated on October 9, 2012
Leaf change splendor
Leaf change splendor | Source
Interresting historical info - a USA delight
Interresting historical info - a USA delight | Source
More history
More history | Source
Scarecrow display
Scarecrow display | Source
Tunnel vision
Tunnel vision | Source
Snow on the highway south
Snow on the highway south | Source

In one of the small villages along the N/W Atlantic seaboard the village square was decorated with a large number of scarecrows and it was Audrey’s eagle eye that noticed that it was a Scarecrow Competition. This led to the often asked question, “do you want a photo?’ with the inevitable answer, “yes- Will you stand with the scarecrows?”

Unfortunately as often is the case there was really no place to stop and so we continued, planning to take the photo on our return as we had to come back that way after Arcadia NP. Meanwhile the idea of a photo of me with the other scarecrows really began to grow in Audrey’s vivid imagination. “You can wear your brown fishing hat, take out your false teeth and the rest of your clothes are perfect anyway” – yeh, thanks Audrey , you know how to build up a guys self esteem! As usual the best made plans have a way of failing and on our return we could not find this particular village square and so my chances of winning the scarecrow competition disappeared in the drizzle that was falling as we retraced our steps through the New England coastal villages that reminded us very much of their British equivalents.

Stopping for photos is perhaps worth a mention as it can be quite a problem. When the USA road constructors planned the various high ways and by ways they did put it what are known as “ turn outs” or areas next to the road where you can pull over and admire the scenery, take photos and read the numerous historical plaques that dot the landscape – anything from “ Johnny Apple Seed passed here “ or “the Airforce Sioux Bomber crashed here in 1943” or “the Mountains in the distance are the peaks of the Grand Tetons” or “the family Donner camped here before dying in the disastrous winter of 1846” or George Washington visited this village”. The problem is that they failed to consult with Audrey when building these roads and to be quite fair they could not have anticipated that there was going to be a scarecrow competition at that particular place or the Bald Eagle perched on the telephone pole near Hampton. To cut a long story short, one has to do what is necessary if at all possible and so the normal procedure is to glance behind to see if a big truck is bearing down on you, then look at the edge of the road to see if there is place to pull over (not a likely scenario but worth a glance) and then to see if there is a turn to the left where one can turn in and then retrace your steps. All in all it is usually not a very promising situation and so we just continue feeling rather disappointed and Audrey, anticipating what is going to happen, simply points her camera out of the window and snaps what she calls “a reminder photo” at the required subject as we rush by at 55 miles an hour.

Arcadia National Park on the Atlantic is a lovely coastal island with a towering mountain rising from the Ocean. Again the leaves are changing and every place is much the same but also very different. Here the White Maple interspersed with ever green pines created again a slightly different image to those further West. Unfortunately the very cold weather and rain sent us packing after only one night and we did about 220 plus miles on the 101 south until we got to Hampton, just south of Portsmouth where the State Park charged $54 for the night and so we ended in the Gables Motel at the same price – a good choice as the temperature is cold, cold, cold and there is a freeze warning out for the area again tonight!


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    • Johan Smulders profile image

      Johan Smulders 5 years ago from East London, South Africa

      Drove into Boston and out again because of the traffic. Salem was on our list due to the play we saw some years ago about the witch hunts there, but will have to go back as we missed it this time.

    • aviannovice profile image

      Deb Hirt 5 years ago from Stillwater, OK

      I could see Cadillac Mountain which was in Acadia National Park from where I lived in Steuben, ME growing up. Now the trees are too high to see it. Portsmouth, NH has a lovely and quaint downtown. I hope you are able to see Salem and Boston, MA.