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USA Road trip week 19 - heading south for winter

Updated on October 12, 2012
USA flags along the road
USA flags along the road | Source
Beautifull old buildings in the NE
Beautifull old buildings in the NE | Source
Scarecrows are scary
Scarecrows are scary | Source

As week 18 came to an end the snow caught us in Pennsylvania and even the Snow Geese had left to go south by this time while we lingered. When the chips (or Snow Flakes) are down you have to do what you have to do and so in six days we travelled over 1600 miles south along the highways along the Eastern Seaboard. The lady at the visitors centre in the north laughed when I said that we need to start our trip south. “It never snows in October!” Ha, ha, look out of the window in central Pennsylvania lady The high temperature in Virginia on Saturday was 40 degrees!

To do the necessary miles we had to leave the bye ways and stay on the highways to put in some distance. This means that instead of travelling slowly at 50-55 miles an hour on a deserted country road while admiring the trees, farms and birds you are whizzing along at between 60 and 70 miles an hour on a three lane road with trucks in front and behind often passing each other and you, sometimes at the same time. Add a couple of inches of snow or driving rain, mist, road-works and exits to left and right on the ring roads and it becomes a bit of a nightmare. No wonder they named the highway in this area “The Purple Heart High Way”. Anyone who survives six days should in fact receive a medal and being a passenger should qualify you for either a medical facility for nervous breakdowns or a place at West Point in the Marines.

We wondered why road works were being done all over the northern states and this can often lead to great inconvenience as a couple of 20 minutes waiting periods can seriously delay your estimated time of arrival and put unnecessary pressure on your travel arrangements. A one and a half hour delay on a high way in snow really messes things up and leads to serious health warning signs such as high blood pressure and heart palpitations that sent you looking for your tablets.

Now we know why the roads are being repaired all over the northern States as they obviously cannot do this when they are covered in snow in winter. Now that we are moving south we will undoubtedly find the road works in the warmth there! Lucky us!


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