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USA to India Why?- A Senior Citizen's Views.

Updated on December 15, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

What is the Problem of Sr.Senior Citizens visiting USA?

The friends from India residing in USA are those who give us invitations for coming to USA as visitors and give in writing to the USA Consulate Office that they will provide free boarding and lodging in USA and all expenses in any sort of eventuality who are mostly relatives, sons, and daughters or others whom I do not know.We come with Dollars converting our Rupees at Rs.60 per one Dollar. In one of the websites that I visited I wanted to know how much money is earned by USA by Indian Visitors I could find only this;-" Tourism leaders said the decline in foreign visitors over the past decade is costing American businesses and workers $859 billion in untapped revenue and at least half a million potential jobs at a time when the slowly recovering economy needs both".

What do we want from USA to come here from India.

  1. We want non stop flights with better sitting facilities in Economic Class.The Stop over flights give us much tension as we have to get down and again go through unwanted trouble of security and transport especially at Dubai Air Port which is like a City.We were senior citizens on wheel chair and there were no wheel chairs at this Mega Air Port when we landed from Bangalore.I sent a e-mail to .<> and promptly they replied as under:-
  2. " Your message is well received and regret that we were unable to trace your Al Majlis booking details. In order to ensure the expected service is delivered on your return journey, kindly advise your Al Majlis reservation booking reference. It would also help to mention your flight details for further assistance." Now I have to inform them in advance and see if they make their talk walk.
  3. Cabin baggage which weighs 12 kg cannot be lifted and placed by us in the cabin and the weightless ultra thin Air Hostesses tells us to help them by lifting,while our Indian Air Hostesses lift in one hand and put it in the cabin baggage with out a sound..
  4. These Ultra thin Air Hostesses come and go as they please and our call is never heard as they disappear from view from places. We see them sitting but with seat Belt on we cannot reach for the switch to put on the non blinking lights.
  5. We cannot carry water and water is served only after all the crowd gets in.The water bottle kept in our seat in Business Class is Locked.We have to keep wetting our mouth in our own saliva.
  6. The food served by the Air Lines is not Indian but Indamarican.
  7. The cabin baggage has no place to be kept on the Wheel Chair and it is squeezed between our legs with our feet dangling.
  8. I happened to read in one of the websites in my research that " Anti-immigration proponents argue that travel to the U.S. is already too accessible and that allowing more visitors would put the nation at greater risk" visitors from India are not a risk if proper persons in security are employed. ( To reduce man power if they are risking security is it visitors problem when they bring in revenue to the USA.)
  9. Jessica Vaughan, director of policy studies at the Center for Immigration Studies, an anti-immigration group based in Washington, D.C has said "Everybody would like to find a way to admit as many people as possible to visit here provided, that they visit and then go home." ( what is holding them the US to find a way at least for Sr.Senior Citizens who want to go home and not stay in US, to find a way to this category of visitors )
  10. To improve revenue from tourists from India all south Indian tourists have to travel to Chennai and stay for two days, is it so very problematic to open just a Visa issues only.
  11. What about Industries which are affected by they can run sight seeing Buses like in Washington in every state as tourists who come have to go for sight seeing only on week ends since their children are on job from Monday to Friday and some times they are tired to take us out for sight seeing.

Republican Rep. Joe Heck of Southern Nevada has said US would have to sponsor a bill in the House that would require shorter visa interview delays, among other measures. "We need the jobs." ( in US )

Very huge temples are built by various communities in various states spending enormous sums of money.It is more a commercial and perhaps tax avoiding business by rich people from few rich states as everything is cash and carry.Govt must permit and make it mandatory while approving their plan to build residential self contained rooms for visiting travelers to stay on reasonable rent for a 3 day period or more depending on reservations.The temples must also pay tax,they have no business to build temples in a country where its real citizens do not use it.Just on account of being citizens because they spent donkey number of years it does not become their right to do what the country they have migrated.

Temples and Temples:- More than Schools and Hospitals in India.

Most of the temples in India are managed by Govt while other religious centers are left to that community who can do what they want. like extensions to their existing buildings,prohibiting places inside their centers to visitors,blazing music through sound system on festival days and some saying their prayers so loud that you cannot sleep.They also put up huge tents and stop public transport which is permitted for 5 days.

What do we Indians want ?

Why do we need.
Self contained Rooms for 2
We are not very Rich we need Rooms for just Rs.700 perday.
South Indian Restaurants food quality needs to be checked.( The Oil they use for frying is inferior.)
We get stomac ack after we come home eationg their Dosa & Vada.
Taxi Stands must be made at Important Centers like Sr Citizen Libraries.
We must know how much they charge.
Local Trains.
We do not know if there are any and our children do not use mostly.
The Train Fare here in Existing Trains is costlier than Airfare.
Persons who can understand English.
We upon landing at JFK could not make the local AA Airport staff understand our perfect English.
Direct Flight to USA.
Non Stop Flights.
We do not like to disembark and embark at Dubai.

Mountain View Walkers.

When we were in Mountain View we used to go to the park here and meet many Senior Citizens who would sit in a corner after walking for their day's quota of exercise.They were all from north India and we met only three south Indians.There were totally 31 persons which made me think that 10% us and 90% they.Thank God all of us could speak English. In India we find people from neighboring states come to our state stay here for ten years and refuse to learn language that we speak.People in Bangalore will speak other than English two to four other Indian languages.Thank God it's not like India in USA all people talk one language and if they speak any other language it will be to a person who knows that language.In India it's different you speak your language to any person and if that knows that language he will speak or will walk away saying I do not understand your language in his local language.In north India this problem is more on account of our policy to make every Indian to learn Hindi.The young children of India in remote villages cannot speak English.I stayed for nearly three years in a village in Tamil Nadu and tried to teach English but I could make out that they had no interest to learn since their schools were not making them motivated to learn English.They were all studying in Govt Schools where Tamil was the medium of Instruction.Their English teacher was unable to teach the class which had over 50 children huddled in a room.

This is a place of money spent by people who made money not in India.


Places to Visit in USA

" Everyone wants to visit the Statue of Liberty and Disneyland ".There are so many places to visit in USA that we can spend 50 moths in 50 states.The tourist department must have published a book on all and every such places and they must be made available in all stores that we tourist go daily which are most popular to us.

I could not see a post Office or a Railway Station on my daily rounds but we can see airports,why on earth we cant have post offices be made in such a way that they are located in such big mega stores so that we can send gifts right after buying as they are lost in our baggage in India sometimes due to un avoidable reasons.This way our friends need not think that we bought these gifts made in China at our local stores and gave it them as gifts as plenty of Made In China is available in India which is unfortunately is in USA also.

One of the question which was asked to me by the VISA officer in Chennai,the only office to the unfortunate South Indians was " which is your favorite state in USA ".I wanted to tell him there are 50 states in USA which are my favorites but I only mentioned the state where I was going as I was afraid he would think I would extend mu VISA and would not approve my VISA.I think these officers who look at the persons visiting their country must ask more interesting questions and say they have approved our VISA and like to know which is our favorite state.We all know in our city where every home has a boy or girl in USA and go there to relax a little and enjoy the beautiful country.

One big problem for us is medicines which we have to carry

A temple at ATLANTA - Georgia.Select Indians Stay here.



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