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Uber Driving Sometimes Right And Wrong

Updated on July 18, 2016

What Is Uber Driving

A Uber driver works for a company that offers rides to patrons. This is a simple concept on paper.

The driver has to use his or her own care to drive the person. There is set fee for each patron. This is like a taxi service.

Basically, you can go on-line and get someone to pick you up from someone in your car. Please don't drive drunk. Call a family member or Taxi service or an Uber Driver.

Most Uber drivers only want you to get home in one piece. This system may not be perfect but it does save lives.

What is Right about it

The patron who is drunk or needs a right somewhere can get somewhere safety. The service tells the driver where to go. The driver decided if they can take the person to their destination.

This service is safer than driving dunk. Also, it is safer than trying to trust some friend to drive a patron home.

You can pick your can drive in areas that you know will make you money.

This system is there to help get patrons to and from a location. Most drivers want to make the drive as safely, as possible.

What Is Wrong about the Service

The driver could be anyone. Yes, there are background checks. That only means that the driver has not done anything, yet.

Also, the driver has to be harassed by clients that are drunk or want to get to somewhere right away. The driver has to deal with no nice people.

There are people that want to brake the law because it is not their car. And, an unhappy costumer could get someone fired.

More about the service

The driver drives when he or she wants to drive. Also, the driver is charge of the ride.

The driver can rent a car instead of using their own. They don't get much money doing that, though. They have to pay for gas and everything else that goes along with their car.

The patron and the driver can rate the drive. However, the rating for the driver is what is looked at most of all.

As a driver, they are careful where they pick someone at. If the location is too far away, they may choice that the cost is too high.

The Best Places To Get This Service

1) At bars at night.

2) At events where their are many people.

3) You can get this service if your driver only has to go a short distance to your location.

4) The driver knows the area. You might get the same driver many times if they live close to you.

Challenges to an Uber driver

1) Long distances.

2) Waiting for a patron.

3) The distance in between getting a new patron.

4) Being stuck in traffic at all.

5) Keeping their rating up. Trying to please their patrons.


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