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Um Lugar Chamado - Notting Hill

Updated on August 15, 2010

About Notting Hill

If you ask a London visitor what is Notting Hill, you will most likely get an answer of it being a stylish area where the far-famed motion picture Notting Hill with Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts was shot. It is rather an precise description, in fact, but one could think that London in the view of a stranger has become conventional and it is not simple to sell something that has already been sold.

The Notting Hill area is actually anything and everything you seek. It is as posh as it is recusant, depends where you head and what you are hunting for. You might in truth bump into such famous people as models Elle Macpherson and Claudia Schiffer, film director Richard Curtis or Robbie Williams who have their dwelling in Notting Hill.

But there is also some other side of this hot area. Notting Hill is a base to Portobello Antiques Market, one of the most notable markets in the world which is internationally acknowledged for its second-hand and antique sections. Its story and culture span approximately 300 years of being and Portobello area was in the first place a farm. Since then this unequalled area started to develop into a thoroughfare market with new houses being built next to the healthy number of shops and public houses.

Portobello Market is a real happening for jewelry, accoutrement, hand made goods, old-fashioned furnishings and diverse decor details. You could also find new wares mixed with antiques, so be careful when you get something.

This celebrated road in Notting Hill is also great for used purchases. Those who are choleric about collecting things might find Portobello Road a perfect place to buy something to bestow to their collection.


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