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Union Square Greenmarket - Martin's Pretzels

Updated on March 29, 2013

Martin's Pretzel stand - Union Square

Union Square Greenmarket staple - Martin's Pretzels
Union Square Greenmarket staple - Martin's Pretzels
Famous red tin - Martin's Pretzels
Famous red tin - Martin's Pretzels

Union Square Greenmarket NYC - Martin's Pretzels

On a beautiful sunny day in New York City, New Yorkers and tourists alike should make their way down to the Union Square Greenmarket. At the crossroads of downtown and midtown, between 14th Street and 17th Street, Union Square can boast one of the largest and most diverse greenmarkets in New York City. There are many vendors in the greenmarket to choose from and one of the best, "can't miss" stands is Martin's Pretzels.

Martin's Pretzels blends old world craftsmanship and fine ingredients to produce a simple and delicious pretzel. They sell their staple product in salted and unsalted varieties. For a quick snack, Martin's sell pretzels in packs of three and six for only a few dollars. However, if you are looking to bring some home, buy a nice gift or are just really hungry, they sell pretzels in their classic red pretzel tin to the tune of 1 3/4 pounds! Both stylish and tasty, I've bought many Martin's Pretzel tins as gifts and always get an overwhelmingly positive response.

Martin's Pretzels in Union Square is always manned by friendly and knowledgeable folks. Importantly, the pretzels are all hand made in the Pennsylvania Dutch style that has been used and perfected for centuries. Although the recipe originated in Europe, they have been a stable of the New York and Pennsylvania region. A few common pairings with Martin's Pretzels include mustard, butter, cheese and of course beer (my personal favorite).

If you check out the Martin's Pretzels website, they sell in even larger portions and can ship to anywhere in the country. Having the option to buy online is always nice, but experiencing your first bite of a Martin's Pretzel outside in the bustling Union Square Greenmarket is a unique experience everyone should have at least once! But buyer beware because once you have your first taste of Martin's Pretzels, it can become quite addictive! Enjoy!


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