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Unplanned Trips, Rains and Coffee: Holidaying at Coorg

Updated on September 5, 2017

The best part about living in India is that there is always some place to travel and explore within the country itself.

It was one of those weekends when I wanted to get out and see more. I did not have too many days to spare, but all I knew was I needed a break to go and unpack more of what is out there.

And so, Coorg happened.

My friend and I reached Coorg early in the morning. Our host so graciously came to the public bus station and picked us up. As we drove past the age old buildings, we kept an eye open to all the hoardings, shops and the restaurants on the road till we reached our gorgeous room overlooking the hills.

The morning was cold and cozy. We waited for the sun to shed more warmth before stepping out. Once we did, there was no end. We went one place after the other without stopping. The best part of this trip was that we could get from one destination to another by foot.

The hills in coorg were enchanting. It was quite breezy and the trees were so majestic all the way up.

Some Coffee For a Cold and Rainy Day

Of all the places we visited, one of the best experiences was exploring the coffee estate located amidst the hills. The Merkara coffee estate was absolutely stunning. We learnt the different stages of coffee preparations and also got a glimpse of how the whole plantation looks like. Within the estate there were other plans as well. We spotted cocoa, star anise, cinnamon and more.

What Next?

After a paying visit to forts, water falls, estates, and other hilltop destinations, we weren’t sure where to go next. We always had an option to just slip into our cozy blankets, but we made up our minds and decided to get out.

I love spontaneous trips like these.

What's On The Table?


Coorg is well-known for its spicy pork dish also called as Pandi-curry which is rich in flavour. With two spoons, we went red and tears were running down our cheeks. We simply couldn’t take the spice, but at the same time we could not stop eating it. So we asked for some curd to lessen the hot spice and then sat back and enjoyed the delicacy.

Take away?

We got back to Coorg and decided to buy something to take back home. The spice stores in this area were packed with all sorts of spices from Coorg and also from places outside India. For a while we were confused as to which store to pick, and we finally decided to go to the one that seemed to have the best deals. We got a few packages of spices and also a bottle of wild honey.

The little Tibet

In the past many years, India has been home to many Tibetan refugees. There are a few settlements in the north of India. One of most well-known settlement is the Bylakuppe, which is quite close to Coorg. We visited the Namdroling Monastery and then decided to dive deeper. We went into the settlements just to know this place. As we went in, we felt we were slowly diving into another time period, sometime twenty years ago, where there was absolutely no trace of the 21st century busyness. We kept staring at the barren fields that swerved into grass lands extending from the far away fills. The next thing we know is we were standing by the Bylakuppe Lake, watching catfish as they rush to get crumbs of bread that the monks give them. The lake was beautiful and so well maintained. Every fish in the lake is spared for long life of Dalai Lamma

Here we met many Buddhist monks who were just taking a stroll by the lake and also feeding the fish.

After some time, we started walking into the streets and the little lanes. We saw women sit by the roads and preparing laping. Some of the little shops had handmade carpets with intricate designs on it. The entire place was absolutely relaxing and reminded me of the little home where Bilbo Baggins lived.



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    • Susan SJ profile image

      Susan SJ 7 months ago

      Thank you, Linda :)

    • AliciaC profile image

      Linda Crampton 7 months ago from British Columbia, Canada

      Thank you for the interesting tour, Susan. I've never heard of Coorg. I enjoyed learning about it by reading your article.