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Unusual Las Vegas Weddings

Updated on March 7, 2013

After gambling and casinos, Las Vegas is likely best known as a place to get married. Partly because it is such a fun city with so many things to see and do for the honeymoon, but also partly because it offers so many unusual venues for wedding ceremonies. So if Vegas is your destination for your own wedding, here are a few of the great places you can hold your ceremony, for the most memorable day of your life.

Elvis Wedding
Elvis Wedding

Get Married with Elvis

Elvis impersonators are a dime a dozen in Vegas and a classic theme for the unusual wedding. There are many places that offer "Elvis weddings" but the original would be the Elvis Chapel itself. The perfect destination for the casual wedding ceremony, that includes a bouquet, a complimentary limo ride and of course, a serenade from "Elvis" himself. Weddings don't have to be serious affairs. Have some fun, and remember to wear your free Elvis sunglasses at the reception.

Medieval Wedding
Medieval Wedding

A Medieval Wedding

Take a step back in time to the beautiful Renaissance period, and have a wedding that would have made King Arthur proud. Everyone in the wedding party will be decked out in replica costumes from the period, with the bride and groom dressed as a medieval King and Queen. Though not actually held in a castle, the Excalibur hotel's Canterbury wedding chapel is both grand and traditional. You can arrange all the details with the hotel, from costumes and flowers to music and the reception.

Drive-Thru Tunnel of Love
Drive-Thru Tunnel of Love

The Drive-Thru Wedding

If you are dreading all the work and effort in arranging a big ceremony, with huge crowds of people, then why not take the quick route and go through the Drive-Thru wedding chapel. Originally used for handicapped people who had trouble getting into the building, it has become a mainstay of the Vegas wedding scene.

Woodstock Wedding
Woodstock Wedding

Viva Las Vegas

This chapel has too many themed weddings to list them all, but some notable examples are: Woodstock, gothic, Egyptian, Elvis (of course), Star Trek, Rocky Horror Picture Show, western, or beach party. Whatever your preference, there is a ceremony just for you. Most of the themes are created with costumes for everyone.

Helicopter Wedding
Helicopter Wedding

Helicopter Weddings

This isn't just a nice little helicopter ride after the ceremony. Vows are actually exchanged in the air. You can take up to 4 guests with you on your wedding flight, as you tour 20 miles around Vegas. The choppers are roomy and comfortable, and you get a complimentary limo ride from your hotel. Headsets and microphones will make it easy to hear the "I Do" over the sound of the helicopter.

A Word of Warning

A word of warning when planning a themed wedding in Las Vegas, call ahead to make sure the experience you want is still available. I found when researching this article that many themed weddings are advertised all over the Internet, but when I went to the actual hotel websites, there was no mention of them.

Either the hotels don't advertise them on their sites (making it hard to get details) or the events have been discontinued and other tourist websites haven't been updated. Regardless, don't assume that a certain hotel offers a wedding just because you read it somewhere else. Check with the hotel first.

Las Vegas Marriage Details

And just because these weddings may seem silly or frivolous, they are real and legitimate ceremonies. You will be legally married after the ceremony. Visit this hub for all the licensing information about getting married in Las Vegas.


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    • jimmyred profile image

      jimmyred 8 years ago from Brisbane

      Hahah the drive thru one is great!

    • profile image

      Honeymoon Guy 9 years ago

      Las vegas is a good place for a honeymoon package. If you're going to have a destination wedding too, go with the helicopter ride! Sounds awesome!