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Uzgram, Bogra, Bangladesh

Updated on December 29, 2017

Uzgram Bangladesh

Uzgram - it's a name of one beautiful village. The village situated at South Asia-country Bangladesh. Uzgram at northern part of Bangladesh under Bogra District. The following identity of Uzgram:

Name of Village: Uzgram

Union Parishod: Dakkhin Para

Upazilla: Gabtoli,

District: Bogra -5800

The Uzgram formed with 27 local area which called at regional language 'PARA'. Such as Mondol Para, Akondo Para, Sarker Para, Chowdhury para etc. There is a Bazar actually it is called 'Uzgram Bazar'. Everyday it is happening at the evening. People go there for their everyday needs.

There are couple of Education Institution there. Uzgram Govt. Primary School are notable and it is very old one. Also there is a Girls High School. For education purpose this is a ideal village.

Agriculture of this village main source of food of the people of Village. All seasonal corp cultivate by the farmers. Also poultry, Dairy, Fisheries are done by the farmers. You can get fresh vegetables from the farmers. Also fruits are cultivated by the farmers. Such as Mango, Banana, Pineapple, Black berry, etc.

There are some religious place here such as Mosque, Mondir etc.

There are one Canal surrounded the village which is so beautiful. In the rainy season it is really beautiful. All the visitor visit at that time. Also at the winter season Birds come from coolest country like siberia. All the birds stay at that Canal.

Most of the villagers are farmers. They cultivate their land. All the season farmers are cultivate different types of Corps. Also all seasonal Vegetable, Fruits etc are cultivate there.

Uzgram Paddy Field Video

Uzgram Bangladesh

Canal of Uzgram


Entrance of Uzgram

This is the entrance road of Uzgram.
This is the entrance road of Uzgram. | Source

Uzgram Village

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Uzgram as a Village

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