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What to do if valet damages your car in a valet parking accident

Updated on December 29, 2012

Valet Parking Your Car


Valet parking is a service, that when executed correctly, can be very convenient. It gives you the upper class feeling of being waited on. The feeling of pulling up to the Bellagio Hotel in La Vegas while having your vehicle and luggage ushered away can be a great experience. It can be much more rewarding that self-parking your car in less expensive hotel.


The bad news is that it is now out of your control. If you need something in your car it is now a big production to retrieve that item and in many cases the valet attendant will bring the car around. Also, you need to wait for your car to be driven to you, even if the vehicle is a short walk and would be faster if you just grabbed the keys and went.

Other people care less about your car than you do. Next to a house, your car is the biggest investment and purchase of most people’s lives. This fact, in addition to the status symbol of ones vehicle means that the average persons car is very important to them. All people with a valet job will respect your car but they are not use to it like you are.


Some valet attendants will pass the car onto you and say nothing in hopes you wont find out what they did. A scratch, a dent, a peel-out, in any case it’s not good. Once the car is off the lot it is harder to prove and receive reimbursement from a valet company. Once the car has driven off the property the valet company technically doesn’t have to cover damages but in some cases they will. I have personally worked in both restaurants and as a valet attendant and I would gladly eat at those restaurants but I would not have my car valeted.

Theft. People steal, especially from your car. Be conscious of what’s in there.

Ultimately, you have to hope that the vehicle is in good hands when it is driven out of your site. Chances are your car will be fine, but this is a true insight into what can happen.

Valet Parking Accidents Can Happen


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    • PapaGeorgeo profile image

      PapaGeorgeo 5 years ago

      thanks for your comment, yes i saw a few things working as a valet, thats what happens when guys in their teens and twenties are given the keys to a strangers sports car or even super car!

    • profile image

      IKnewIt 5 years ago

      Its friggin disgusting how they treat peoples cars, I saw I valet one time wheel spin backwards down the street at high speed to get to a space it was at Raphael's Restaurant Valet Ventura Blvd Studio City.

      I caught one spinning my car backwards into a space at another restaurant in Hollywood only by chance because I forgot my wallet and went back I had to be held back from punching his lights out I was furious.

    • PapaGeorgeo profile image

      PapaGeorgeo 6 years ago

      When I valet parked I couldn't believe some would take a few cents and they would get fired over it (a few cents!) when they were caught.

      I also couldn't believe some people having their cars valeted would leave iPhones and ipads in plain view in their center console. I'm not going to take it but why would you do that? Awesome Post!!

    • jpcmc profile image

      JP Carlos 6 years ago from Quezon CIty, Phlippines

      I nknow the horrors of valet parking attendants. I usually have coins in my car for whatever purpose. The valet parking attendant took them. One time, I found my crossword puzzle half solved. What's irritating is that most of the answers were wrong.

      Inever leave anything valuable when I know i need to use valet parking.