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Vacation Destinations: What To Do In Bermuda

Updated on May 21, 2013
Beautiful Bermuda From Above
Beautiful Bermuda From Above
Pink Sandy Beaches That "Blush"
Pink Sandy Beaches That "Blush"
Boating Activities Throughout Bermuda
Boating Activities Throughout Bermuda

Background on the Island of Bermuda

Bermuda is located in the North Atlantic Ocean area of the Caribbean, closer to the United States. This British governed island offers many UK influences, particularly an old school feel. Tourists who are thinking of visiting Bermuda but want trendy new areas may be disappointed by what the island has to offer but if you are looking for a laid back, old style feel this may be the perfect place for you.

Golfers have been known to flock to Bermuda to set tee times and it is common to see business men coming and going from work in the well known "Bermuda Shorts". The whole island has a very exclusive feel, which may come from the British etiquette or ideals behind the people. Golf is huge as well as treating yourself to a day at a spa or having afternoon tea with good people.

You get a strong sense that this is not just an island that survives off tourism but a unique nation that is firmly planted and could survive on its own. To go along with this, there is a feel of being proper with yourself in Bermuda. A reservation is essential for activities and dining, unlike other Caribbean islands that are more laid back. A jacket is also needed in most restaurants to keep the sense of etiquette up.

Bermuda dining does offer an extremely high quality menu of seafood that cannot be missed all over the island, like other vacation destinations be sure to bring your checkbook because it will get expensive if you want to go out throughout your trip, think of investing in the local Bermudan dollar once you arrive.

Bermuda is less a place to go and party with nightlife and more a spot to stop in and enjoy some of the quieter, finer things in life if that sounds appealing.

British Royal Naval Dockyard
British Royal Naval Dockyard

What Bermuda Offers

As said before, unlike other Caribbean vacation hotspots, Bermuda makes up for what it lacks in nightlife with what it can offer in historic sightseeing and luxury throughout the island. The island has a high population of golf courses and spas that attract businessmen and high society couples.

When it comes to vacations, a beach is a must, and Bermuda can offer many long sandy beaches that give off a pink color which some locals say is the sand blushing. Elbow and Horseshoe beaches are the most popular and offer the most activities but Warwick Long Bay is a must if you really want to see those beaches blush. Concession stands are set up all around the sandy beaches offering anything a beach goer could want.

The large amount of coral reef life, including every color of fish you could imagine, makes the island a huge snorkeling and diving locale. To go along with the elitist trends, yachting has become a form of leisure around the island.

The nightlife is admittedly lacking, which can also be seen in many British locales, but not lacking is the small pubs that pop up all over the island. Unlike in London, don't expect dark, heavy beers to be your drink of choice, this is the Caribbean after all so be ready for some rum.

The Royal Naval Dockyard and Maritime Museum are good for sightseeing, offering a peak back at Britain's use of Bermuda as a military outpost. These areas offer a more relaxing vacation than constant club going and can be the exact remedy to a leave from work and everyday life.

Expect to hear some music while you frequent Bermuda, reggae has picked up considerably and the local calypso music can be heard throughout the streets. Bermuda, even with its British, old school feel, still has the unique ability to offer many types of culture for your vacationing pleasure.

Although Bermuda may be considered a quieter vacation destination that most Caribbean spots, the luxury and escape from stress makes it a perfect spot if you are looking to simply jump away from life for a few days and forget whatever stresses life may be putting on your shoulders. I highly recommend taking a break and seeing what this historic locale has to offer.


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    • lovebuglena profile image

      Lena Kovadlo 4 years ago from Staten Island, NY

      I've actually been to Bermuda (via a cruise). It is a beautiful place to visit and there is plenty to see there. I remember going to see the underground caves. That was an experience I will never forget. Thanks for this interesting and informative hub.