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Vacation Ideas for Italy

Updated on September 30, 2011


If you are planning a vacation and you want to go to somewhere unique has lots of history and beauty. Then I would suggest planning your trip to Italy. A trip to Italy will stay with you for eternity one where you are not surrounded by Bermuda short wear tourist but one where you can be free to discover a unique and beautiful culture.

There are several major locations that would fulfill your Italian desires that I suggest. In any one of these locations it will offer you a unique perspective of the Italian culture and experience. The cities or surrounding areas of Rome, Pompeii, Sicily, and Capri are all truly great places to see. You can gain a insiders insight to the variety of culture and history of each provinces as well as some of the most breathtaking scenes that Italy has to offer.

One favorite city of mine that I might suggest is the city of Capri. It is unparalleled when it comes to being out of the hustle and bustle and into the country side. It provides a unique glimpse into the Italian culture through the everyday customs that you experience. It offers the finest cafes and restaurants in all of Italy to appetiz your appetite for Italian cuisine. It is also out of the limelight of the larger cities and therefore not going to run into the mass of tourist that you would find in Rome.

The larger cities of Italy like Rome and Sicily really have their own unblended culture compared to the smaller locals you might pass through. Although there are many more places to spend your money in the designer stores along the main through fares. But, they do offer some unique history and night life in many parts of the city that are not well known to tourist. It can be a blessing change of pace from the small country side for some people. So definitely put them on your road map as must see cities.

Another spot on your map that is a must see is the historic city of Pompeii. Pompeii is different than the other locals because of the unique history that is there. Frozen in time for hundreds of years after the volcano it really gives you a unique perspective into the early history of Italy. It is a city vacation all in itself, of course so if there is one city that you can choose come here.

Going on a vacation to Italy will allow all your sense to have an appeal to your surroundings. The sights sounds, smells, touches, and bright lights will overflow you. When you start the plan your vacation in Italy it helps you to know about the history as well as the current culture. But also include the less explored locations because you are going to experience something that most will ride off as common. This gives your overall experience on your vacation truly unique in the discovery of daily life in Italy.


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    felicitylovespari 6 years ago

    Sounds amazing to me!