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Vacation Ideas: Romania

Updated on June 30, 2011

Have you ever been in Romania? If not, in fact, you should. Simply put, Romania is really nice and you can see many things such as where the real Castle Dracula lived and the Black Sea, where pirates used to hunt all ships that passed by.

Romania has a lot of cool places to visit but, in my opinion, the most beautiful of all is the parks in Bucharest, the capital city. Nothing is more breathtaking than this place on a hot summer day. It's worth mentioning that Romania has some of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen, and in summer they all go out to hang around in parks. This is as close to paradise on earth as you can get.  You will be surprised and stunned by the variety and beauty.

Other places to visit are the absolutely wonderful beaches of Romanian.  The sand is soft, the sea is warm and not too salty, and the beaches are crowded. An interesting phenomenon has been happening in recent years, more and more girls go topless to the beach, so there is a lot of beauty to be admired while you are catching a tan. Don't miss the chance to vacation in paradise, visited Romania in the summer and win.

Even if you go during the winter, it's not that bad. The mountains are wonderful and there are many stations to accommodate even the most picky.  The mountains of Romania and Brasov have some of the world's leading resorts, so if skiing is one of your hobbies, add Romania to you're list of options.

One of the things that makes travel easier and more enjoyable is that many Romanians speak English, so there is little chance of confusion and added worry, no matter where you are.
Make a memorable vacation and visit Romania.

Romania Map

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Romanian Castles
Romanian Castles


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