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The Best "Other" Vacation Spots In The South

Updated on June 27, 2017

When looking for Southern vacation spots, many people look to certain hot spots, filled with tourists and those looking to take advantage of them. If you will take a closer look at what the South has to offer in beauty, education, fun, and memories, you will see the best places to vacation may not be in the Southern icon cities such as Atlanta, Orlando, New Orleans, and Nashville. Although these cities do have much to offer, they come with crowds, expensive accommodations, pricey restaurants, and are often short on southern charm.

Below I have laid out for you the 5 Best Vacation Spots In The South that many people never see. These southern vacation spots have historic sites, nature attractions, beautiful scenery and family fun and are perfect for a family planning a Southern vacation. Don't get sucked into visiting the larger southern cities only to feel rushed, crowded, broke, and unrested. See why each of these cities are top vacation spots in the US and still leave you money to enjoy your stay.

Savannah: A Romantic Southern Vacation

If you are planning a Southern vacation, perhaps no other Southern vacation spot has the romantic feel that surrounds the city of Savannah, Georgia. From the horse-drawn carriage rides, strolls down brick lined streets, and lunch along the Savannah River to the nearby Pre-Civil War fort and Southern Plantation-style architecture, Savannah is the quintessential southern river town.

During your visit you will definitely visit River Street, Savannah's river front area. Here you will find tours, restaurants, ferry rides, and horse-drawn carriages. Whether taking a strole on a lazy southern afternoon or looking for some night life, River Street is the place to go. This area is so relaxing it will make a Hawaii vacation seem uptight.

For the family trip or the weekend explorer, you must visit some of the historic sites. There is Fort Jackson, near the Savannah River, the Savannah History Museum and the Roundhouse Railroad Museum. There are plenty of other old southern houses that have tours for you to experience.

Gulfport and Biloxi: Southern Fun, Fishing, Slots And More

Mississippi's Gulf Coast region offers a great combination of fun, sun, sand and slots, perfect to plan the Best Southern Vacation. In the area of Gulf Port, Mississippi and Biloxi, Mississippi, you can visit beautiful beaches, great wildlife such as at the Marine Life Oceanarium, and even newly rebuilt casinos and hotels in Biloxi. In this area you will find any type of southern vacation attraction! The Biloxi area is also just a short drive from some of the best places to visit in the Florida panhandle, such as Pensacola, Fort Walton Beach, and Destin. If the beach in the Biloxi area is not good enough for you, these are some of the best in the world.

In the Mississippi coastal area, fishing or boat tours are a must! You can go on an actual shrimping trip and see the sunset out on the Gulf of Mexico, or you can go on one of the many charter boats to fish in one of the Gulf of Mexico's best fishing areas. There are many trips you can choose from whether you want to fish or just experience the aquatic wildlife the region has to offer.

This area also offers great historic sites and tours. In Biloxi you can ride the Biloxi Tour Train on which you will receive a narrated historic tour of Biloxi. There are countless museums, and educational opportunities such as the Center for Marine Education and Research in Gulfport, MS, an excellent spot for families where you can touch stingrays and horseshoe crabs and search for artifacts and sharks teeth. In Gulfport, there is also the Lynn Meadows Discovery Center, one of the top 50 children's museums in the U.S.

As I mentioned above, there are over 10 casinos in the Biloxi area, including the Beau Rivage and the Hard Rock. If you are planning your Southern vacation, there is plenty to take advantage of in this area to make a fun-filled vacation. It is really one of the Southern vacation spots that has everything.

Charleston: Southern Charm Mixed With Sun And Fun

One of the most beautiful stops in the South is on South Carolina's Atlantic Coast. Charleston, South Carolina has activities for the family, romantic getaways, and plenty of history.

If you are looking for romance, you can experience the horse drawn carriage rides in downtown Charleston and see the beautiful architecture from before the Civil War and also experience the modern nightlife. You can also visit the many great beaches such as secluded Kiawah Island and Sullivan's Island. Or you can take a walk by the harbor and view the "Battery", a long stretch of southern homes bordering the harbor.

Charleston is also perfect for enjoying all the best salt water fishing of the Atlantic coast. This area has some of the best charter fishing in the South. You can catch Tarpon, Tuna, Dolphin (Mahi Mahi), Wahoo, Marlin or Sailfish with short ride times to get to the fish, making the trip include more fishing and less waiting.

Families and those looking to experience southern culture should visit the "Museum Mile" on Meeting Street. There you will find the Gibbes Museum of Art along with many historic houses and a powder magazine from the Revolutionary War. For more, visit the nearby plantations, Ford Sumter, and the carrier Yorktown. Charleston has every aspect of a family vacation that you could possibly want.


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