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Vacation Lisbon, Portugal

Updated on May 6, 2014



Vacation Lisbon, Portugal


You can access all of Lisbon by public transportation. You can get a single ticket, day passes, even 5 day passes or “zapping” for 5 Euros you can use it for a whole day on Metro, buses, and trolleys. You buy it at the metro station. Renting a car is optional. There are many tours like bike tours are very common. You rent a bike or a buggy kind of car and you can follow a schedule of where to go. You can always take a taxi It’s usually not too expensive. The taxi meter reads 2.50 Euros during the daytime. There is an additional 1.60 Euros for luggage. Additional charge of 20% is charged for services on weekends, holidays and night services 9pm to 6 am. You can buy a Taxi voucher at the Tourism Information Office in the Arrivals Hall. It’s a prepaid card for taxi trips. Here you also can get a Lisboa Card you travel free on buses, trams, elevators and trains. It would also get you free admissions to museums and other attractions for half off. One day: Adults E15, children E8, Two days: Adult E26, children E13.

Guided Tours



For those who like I recommend getting a Mp3 audio tour. Most of Lisbon is walkable so be comfortable you will be doing a lot of walking. The city is full of art and tile murals on the buildings and side walks so walking is just great.

The Castle Castelo de Sao Jorge


Vacation Lisbon, Portugal

What to do

When looking for what to do. You must see the following:

Hard Rock Café

Elevador da Gloria- your zapping card will work on it you will see a lovely view of the city and the castle.

The castle Castelo de Sao Jorge- The Tram 28E gets you there. This castle was a Moorish fortress before being retaken by the Christian King Alfonso Henriques.

Arco de Rua Augusta a nice big arch marks the entrance to Praca do Comercio that is under construction.

The Church Basilica da Estrela go inside and take a look. Built by Maria I in honor of her new born son who died before the completion of the church 2 years later.

Mosteiro dos Jeronimos is the most impressive structure. You can tour the museum and take pictures with the very elaborated tumbs of Vasco de Gamas famous spanish explorer and the poet Luis Vas de Camoes. After you are done here across the street it’s a beautiful fountain. You keep walking and you will find a underground walk cross. Take it.

You will come across to The Padrao dos Descobrimientos. Built in 1940. The main arquitect was Cottinelli Telmo and in 1960 was made in stone. To Celebrate Portuguese discoveries and symbolize the starting point of the caravels. It represents the prow of a ship transporting the most prominent 16th century figures.

Then you will see the Torre de Belem from here. A tower commissioned by Manuel I in 1515-21, as a fortress. It’s a symbol of Portugal’s great era and of the expansion. The arquitectual detail is outstanding.

When visiting Lisbon experience the music of Fado. This is the Portuguese form of the blues, expressing sorrow and longing. Fado means “fate”. Fado singers are at restaurants and Café’s.

Lisbon is a wonderful place to visit educational, cultural, adventure, artistic. If you plan it right and do your research you will enjoy every minute of it. Happy Travels!!

Travel Safety


Vacation Lisbon, Portugal

Tips & Warnings

Most places don’t accept credit cards, only cash or debit cards. Hotels accept credit cards but some don’t accept American Express or Discover. So if you take one use visa or MasterCard.

For more useful information on what to see and hotels or apartments go to, and I recommend the Holiday Inn continental.

When you get to the tram or train usually is very crowded so always pay attention to your belongings. Pickpockets are always looking for tourists who aren’t paying attention.

Check the Centers for Disease Control (link below) for any health warnings.

You may want to register emergency contact information with your embassy. See the link below for US residents.

When traveling with minors have plenty of documentation. To prevent child abduction the government has procedures at entry and exit points. Children should have their own passports. For more Information go to

U.S. citizens residing or traveling in Portugal are encouraged to register with the Embassy through the State Department's travel registration website <> to obtain updated travel and security information. U.S. citizens without Internet access may register directly with the Embassy. Registration is important; it allows the Embassy and the State Department to assist you in an emergency.

The U.S. Embassy in Lisbon is located on Avenida das Forcas Armadas, in the neighborhood of Sete Rios near the Jardim Zoológico. Telephone: (351) 21 727-3300; fax: (351) 21 726-9109; U.S. Embassy Lisbon website <> . The emergency after hours telephone number is (351) 21 770-2222.

Lisbon Portugal

A markerLisbon, Portugal -
2715-311 Lisbon, Portugal
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