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Our All-Inclusive Resort Vacation at a Very Cheap Price Including Air Fare

Updated on May 9, 2012
View was Breathtaking
View was Breathtaking

Dominican Republic

View from our Room Balcony
View from our Room Balcony
Lunch at a Small Local Restaurant in Town    Now That's a Lobster
Lunch at a Small Local Restaurant in Town Now That's a Lobster

A Great Vacation

Does $1,400 for an All Inclusive Ocean Front Resort Vacation sound impossible? How about when you include in that $l,400 all food, all beverages including alcohol and round trip air fare. Our experience of purchasing a vacation through a vacation auction site. I will rate both the auction experience as well as the resort. I am sharing this information for those who do not know what a travel auction site is or know but have never pursued it. I will also tell you that my research uncovered lots of really ugly stories from those who, at best, had a bad experience through an auction site vacation. I am also going to tell you that I am not promoting a vacation auction site but just shedding my own little piece of light on my own experience. I am also the consummate bargain hunter regardless of the item to be purchased. If there was a who’s who of bargain hunting, I would be right there in the top ten. It makes no difference whether it’s a designer piece of clothing or a vacation, I will go to the ends of the earth to try and find the best deal. It’s a little unclear to me whether it’s really about saving money or just the challenge. As of late, I’d have to go with money.

When I decided to pursue the auction venue, I did use due diligence with regards to researching the subject. Ah, the beauty of the net. I was feeling pretty confident and a little cocky after hours of searching my choices. Finally, making a decision on an all-inclusive week in a Dominican Republic resort, I finally took a deep breath and clicked, purchase. My basic personality is that things generally work out fine. Human nature, however, gives us that inherent emotion of fear of the unknown. I admit that I started having some pretty scary thoughts. My husband, who was not at all happy with this venue of vacation shopping, was not helping put to rest my nagging thoughts and fears. In fact, he enhanced them with some of his own dire visions. It’s no wonder that we were even speaking to each other by the time our departure date rolled around. My mind wandered to a mental image of our hotel room located directly behind the trash dumpster of the seafood restaurant next door. This, of course was after being informed that the room did not have air condition and the average day temperature was about 100 degrees. (I’m sure you get the drift). I did not sigh a breath of relief until we were safely secure inside our beautiful air conditioned room with a view of the ocean and luscious tropical beauty of the resort. Then came my utterance of those four satisfying words to hubby, “I told you so”, secretly breathing a second sigh of relief. I’m sure this was one of those rare occasions he was glad I was right although he would never admit to that. My dread and fear of spending a week in a sauna with dead fish was totally unfounded.

I rate the auction experience a “4” out of “5”. The only glitch was I had to pick a different departure date from what I originally purchased. It was only a difference of a few days so it was not a problem for us. The trip overall went without incident. The only reason that I bumped the score down was based on slow communication. The auction company’s response time could use a little improvement. I would give the resort a "3". It was impeccably clean and the room and grounds were beautiful. The buffet had enormous amounts of food and the quality was good but could use something to make it a little less monotonous. There were several other restaurants within the resort and the quality was mediocre at best. The pools were great but the entertainment was not up to standards for anyone looking for a party atmosphere. If you’re a fun loving party person, this would not be your cup of tea. Hubby and I are pretty boring so we found the atmosphere very relaxing. Again, this is something that you need to research and make sure that you match up the right vacation spot to your personality or you may find your vacation experience very disappointing.

This was our first all-inclusive vacation. I think we still prefer a cruise to an all-inclusive vacation, but money was an issue and we found this much more budget friendly. The Dominican people were polite and friendly thus adding value to the overall experience. The total price of the vacation airfare and trip insurance was $1,700 for both of us. The only two things not included were our transfers to the resort from the airport and tipping. I strongly advise that you tip the resort staff. This is how many support themselves and their families and you do want clean bath towels each day!


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