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Vacation in North Lake Tahoe

Updated on July 12, 2012
The dog beach at Kings Beach
The dog beach at Kings Beach
Eagle lake hike objective-the lake
Eagle lake hike objective-the lake
Around Eagle Lake
Around Eagle Lake
Around Eagle lake
Around Eagle lake
Kayak trip from Kings Beach to Nevada
Kayak trip from Kings Beach to Nevada
Parasailing on Lake Tahoe
Parasailing on Lake Tahoe

So, we gathered up our vacation crew consisting of six, then, eight, then ten. The last four members were unexpected. Like so many things, when you have so any people with varied likes and dislikes, plus two dogs, huh, things get complicated. Disputes occur, job duties are assigned yet not always done, problems become more apparent the longer one stays in the same locale, yet, if you do not, things become a lot of work with daily routines.

We rented a small, two-bedroom home in Lake Tahoe, California. This time, we went to Kings Beach, near Reno, in North Lake Tahoe. The house had all the luxuries of our real home, so we felt home. Kings Beach has the best, largest beach in the area. Since we had dogs it was a perquisite to finds a dog beach. Adjacent to Kings Beach State Recreation area, is a small dog beach. Not the best for running them, but it is close to the main beach. Another good beach for dogs is Ski Beach @ Incline Village, Nevada, just miles away. There, the dog can run.

Having a dog is a most restrictive activity event, much to my surprise. Unless you leave them in the car or at home, it's like-where do they allow dogs???? Most State parks do not allow them. Some county parks do. One really must research online. It is a pain! Then, there are places that indicate they are not allowed, yet, when you go there, dogs are present because the rules are not enforced. Go figure. Taking dogs into an public area is always controlled situation, especially when other dogs approach. One never knows what will happen.

The best dog beach in South Lake Tahoe is Kiva Beach, a huge, wide, sandy beach next to Richardson Camp and near Fallen Leaf Lake. Even hiking with dogs is an issue because many hikes do not allow them, and if they do, they must be on a leash. How dogs react to strangers or other animals on the path is always a concern of the owner. The size and type of dog is ALWAYs another issue. I would not take a Doberman or other known unfriendly dog on a hike or into an area with the public is.

Having so many stay at the house gave way to diversity of likes, dislikes, and event planning. It made it all so complicated, unlike a party of two or four. Pleasing everyone required some real project management skills and public relations temperament. It can tax the most patient and understanding personality until you are fried. At that point, it is, "Okay, do whatever you want, we are doing this". Getting all to agree on the same thing at the same time seemed to be magical. This bleeds into what food there is to eat, some insist on organic this or that, some read the food specs before cooking, some are vegan zealots, some are carnivorous dinosaurs, some like a combo of veggies and meat, others, on a diet. Yikes! Assuming the meal time is agreed to, which seldom happened, afterwards, there is entertainment. Here, again, it enters into the picture, with battle lines being drawn. Compromise is a must. Hey, even when to go to bed becomes an issue, to which, agreement always fails. Oh, did I mention personal hygiene and habits? Just try to share a bathroom with four others, or six others.

It is a vacation, right? Maybe a "working vacation"? LOL.


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    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 

      6 years ago

      I have heard about Lake Tahoe and all the wonderful times it offers. Sounds like you had a great vacation (even though you spent some time writing). Glad the pooch also had a great time.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      As we discussed before, Lake Tahoe is a beautiful place, but you really need to keep an eye on the homosexuals when you're there.


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