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Vacationing at Atlantis

Updated on July 7, 2014

What to Pack for Atlantis, Nassau, and/or Paradise Island

Things to Pack
... For Day
... For Night
Cheap Flip Flops- for pool areas that won't break your heart if you loose them
Flip Flops or walking shoes depending on the activity of the day
A nicer outfit if your going to a nicer restaurant or clubbing
At least two bathing suits
Swim wear of comfortable clothes for shopping
Nice Shoes
Lots of Sunscreen(make sure it goes under the plane)
Extra Sunscreen make sure to re-apply (Don't ruin your vacation beacuse of a sun burn)
Regular Clothing
One or Two nicer outfits
Tote Bag
Snack Food that can go under the plan and won't melt (Food is expensive in the Bahamas)
A cover-up or an extra pair of clothes (don't want to get turned away from a no swimsuit restaurant or shop)
A Camera with back up batteries and memory
Good Walking Shoes
A stack of $1-$5 bills for tips
A Tote bag/beach bag
A Swimsuit cover-up

British Colonial Hilton Nassau hotel

The British Colonial Hilton Nassau hotel is the perfect union of colonial elegance and contemporary style. Our sophisticated downtown Nassau resort captures the unique ambiance and personality of the Bahamas.
The British Colonial Hilton Nassau hotel is the perfect union of colonial elegance and contemporary style. Our sophisticated downtown Nassau resort captures the unique ambiance and personality of the Bahamas. | Source

Straw Market

With thousands of items to choose from—ranging from handmade straw work and wood carvings to local delicacies and treats to “name brand” goods at very inexpensive prices—both visitors and locals alike will enjoy the bustle of activity amongst the hun
With thousands of items to choose from—ranging from handmade straw work and wood carvings to local delicacies and treats to “name brand” goods at very inexpensive prices—both visitors and locals alike will enjoy the bustle of activity amongst the hun | Source

Bay Street

Nassau's main thoroughfare has all the big names in fashion, plus an assortment of independent shops selling everything from high-end dinnerware to fine jewelry to seashell-encrusted tissue box covers.
Nassau's main thoroughfare has all the big names in fashion, plus an assortment of independent shops selling everything from high-end dinnerware to fine jewelry to seashell-encrusted tissue box covers. | Source


Atlantis itself is beautiful and a ton of fun for all ages, but your missing out if you don't take a day or two to enjoy Nassau as well. Devoting a day or tow to see Nassau also gives you more tie in the Bahamas with a less expensive hotel. I personally would recommend staying at the British Colonial Hilton Nassau Hotel; it costs about $300 a night. The best part about the hotel is that it is in walking distance to the Straw Market and Bay Street. Also there is a Dunkin' Donuts right across the street for a breakfast on the go.

Straw Market

The Straw Market is a must see if you're in the area! It is inside a sort of giant pavilion where each seller has there own stall. Be warned many of the stalls sell very similar items so don't be disappointed if everything looks similar at first. The main items sold at the Straw Market are: purses, tote bags, jewelry, dresses, souvenirs made out of a variety of coca-cola cans, and many other nick-knacks. Make sure to haggle with the sellers most will go down at least $3-$5 if you start to walk a way, even without the haggling everything in the Straw Market is very reasonably priced.

Bay Street

Bay street is right next to and around the Straw Market. It is made up of many shops, cafes, and restaurants. Most of the shops do not haggle and their prices are pretty much set in stone, but you won't know for sure unless you ask. Also almost every shop on Bay Street sells Rum Cake and almost all of them will give you a free sample. The different flavors of Rum cake are: Original Caribbean, Chocolate Ecstasy, and Piña Colada; The cakes all come with a syrup packet that can be poured over the cake for the best effect. If you are on Bay Street I would recommend taking a horse and carriage ride; the drivers are very knowledgeable and they will give you a bit of history on Bay Street and show you some areas that are pretty, but a bit beyond walking distance. All of the drivers start out with a high price, but most are willing to haggle and they are even willing to take a photo of you and any friends or family with your own camera. Sometimes the person who gets you the carriage will expect of request a tips, you do not need to tip them if you don't want to. The only person I would recommend giving a tip to would be your driver if you had a good time, but that' up to you.

Fish Fry

The Fish Fry is a collection of small restaurants all right next to each other. The all serve Bahamian food. Many of them serve fish as the name indicates, but there are other foods on the menu and not everything is fried or barbecued. It is a good place to go for lunch or dinner if your looking for some local food.

Bay Street Nassau:
Bay Street, Nassau, The Bahamas

get directions

The Straw Market can be found on downtown Bay Street along the northern coast of Nassau

British Colonial Hilton:
British Colonial Hilton Nassau, Nassau, The Bahamas

get directions

Paradise Island, The Bahamas

get directions

The Atlantis Paradise Island is a resort and waterpark located on Paradise Island, The Bahamas. Officially opened in 1998, the resort was created by S

Fish Fry:
Chippingham, Nassau, The Bahamas

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Atlantis has a 41-acre water park called Aquaventure as well as: beaches, 11 pools, aquariums, a movie theater, restaurants, and different hotel lodgings.

Aquaventure & Animal Encounters

Aquaventure is made up of 11 different pools some of which are adult only or a kids pools, but most can be used by everyone and anyone. There is a plethora of water slides, a lazy river, and a not so lazy river with real rapids, sharp turns, a the chance of flipping out of your raft.

If your looking to get close to the animals there is snorkeling in the ruins under Atlantis, the deep water swim with dolphins, a dolphin encounter, sea lion encounter, and a sting ray experience. I personally recommend the sea lion experience because I have never before been to a resort that allows you to hug and kiss a sea lion, but there are other dolphin and sting ray encounters out there. Note should book your encounters when you book your room at the Atlantis because spots fill up fast and if you wait till you get there you might not get a spot. There is a fee for all encounters, but the use of the water park, pools, and beaches are included.


There is not just one aquarium at Atlantis there are aquarium exhibits scattered over the whole resort so make sure to go exploring. By exploring you can find dolphins, sea lions, sharks, rays, barracuda, piranha, eels and even endangered alligator gar. Atlantis hosts that larges exhibits in the Caribbean and one of the largest in the world; it is made up of 14 lagoons, eight million gallons of salt water and more than 50,000 aquatic animals representing over 250 marine species.

Movie Theater & Library

Atlantis also has a movie theater complete with a concession stand that plays movies and sells snacks and drinks all day. Admission to the movie is free, but they charge for snacks and drinks. If your more of a book person Atlantis also has a library where you can take out a few books during your stay at no charge unless you don't return the books. You can also get a free 20 minutes of wi-fi in the library everyday, they have their own computers that you can use in their library.


There are a wide variety of choices of restaurants at the Atlantis. You can narrow down your choice by deciding ifyou want casual dining, fine dining, or a cafe for your meal.

For Casual Dining you have: Mosaic,Marketplace,Seagrapes,Bimini Road,The Point Restaurant & Bar,Virgil's Real BBQ,Murray's Deli,Lagoon Bar & Grill, and Carmine's.

For Fine Dining you have: Nobu,Chop Stix,Cafe Martinique,Bahamian Club,Mesa Grill,Casa D Angelo,Olives, and Seafire Steakhouse. I personally recommend Olives they have great food and the prices are not that bad for fine dining. If your looking for a Cafe Atlantis has: Starbucks,DIVE IN, CAVE GRILL,BRATS & BALLS,MARINA PIZZERIA, and JOHNNY ROCKETS. There is also a Ben & Jerry's that has some great ice cream.

Aura Nightclub


Atlantis has multiple clubs on resort for adults, teens, and preteens. For adults there is the Moon Club which is located in the main Casino and has a bar, lounge, a marine habitat with moon jellyfish directly behind the bar, an extensive wine collection, a plethora of draft beer options and a selection of cigars. Also for adults is the Aura Nightclub which is a 9,000-square-foot club designed by Jeffrey Beers and managed by PURE Management Group. For teenagers aging 13-17 years old there is CRUSH, a 14,000 square-foot club with an Internet Lounge that has multi-touch computers, surface tables with photo editing and publishing interfaced to Facebook, a Gaming Room with Kinect for Xbox 360, and Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, Wii and Wii U, to a floor-to-ceiling gaming tree, ten private gaming cabanas and a selections of iPads. The club is decorated with multipurpose video walls and a live DJ is available and he/she takes requests via a touch screen song request system. Crush also has a snack and drink bar. The best part of this club is that no one outside of the age limit is allowed in and they check passports to confirm age (sorry kids no sneaking in, but check out club rush). For kids aged 9-13 you can head to Club Rush where you can play with the Nintendo Wii, Xbox Kinect and PlayStation 3, use the internet from Mac computers,watch movies on a wide screen, join the Karaoke competition, and dance to the music of a live DJ. Passport is required for proof of age. Also Both Club Rush and CRUSH charge an entrance fee you can either pay a per visit fee or you can pay once and have access to the club for your whole trip; both clubs are also night clubs so make sure to check out their hours before showing up.

Hotel Lodgings

There are five different hotel locations to choose for your stay at Atlantis each has its ups and downs, but the main different between the different locations are the rooms themes, price, and location. The different locations each have their own name they are the: Royal Towers, Cove Atlantis, Beach Tower, Coral Tower, and The Reef.

Some Photos I took while at Atlantis


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    • misty103 profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      Glad I was able to help:)

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Heck of a job there, it absloutely helps me out.

    • jdavis88 profile image

      Joseph Davis 

      4 years ago from Florida

      Wow. Beautiful place. enjoyed the hub!

    • JayeWisdom profile image

      Jaye Denman 

      4 years ago from Deep South, USA

      I enjoyed your travelogue and lovely photos. They made me want to go find the pictures I took while visiting Nassua and Paradise Island nearly 20 years ago. Everything was lovely...well, almost everything. The ride from the airport to my hotel through back roads showed terrible poverty that tourism at that time had not eradicated. I hope those paper shacks are gone now.

      Voted Up++ and off to find my photos....



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