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Vacationing at the Beach

Updated on July 23, 2011

Nothing in the world compares to a vacation that involves a soft white sandy beach, a hot sun in a gorgeous blue sky and a cool fruity drink. The relaxing whoosh of the ocean waves combined with the sun’s warmth soaking all the way down into your bones allows you to drift off into a tranquil and rejuvenating nap. Down the beach you can hear the plaintive cries of a few seagulls searching for scraps of lunch. From far away you hear the blast of a cruise ship horn. A soft warm breeze blows lightly through the tops of the palm trees.

Can you think of a single thing you’d rather be doing? Housework? Mowing the yard? Another day at the office? I didn’t think so! Other vacations may involve driving the family across the country to an amusement park or other destination. Maybe your vacation is just a week at home and no plans to go into the office. Whatever your ideas of a break in routine, few vacations can compete with a beach. Why? Because the very nature of a beach is that there’s literally nothing else to do but relax when you arrive on the seashore. You can swim in the ocean water, but once that’s done, you literally just want to drop on the sand and lay down. Somehow the pull of gravity is stronger when you get out of the ocean. The sand is begging you to relax and unwind. It is conspiring with the ocean to help you de-stress and forget about everything except the glory of the moment. Even the soft warm breeze is doing its part to keep you prone on the sand.

Okay, so you can’t afford to get to the beach. You sit in your cubicle taking a moment to regroup and wish that you had plans to go to Figi or Jamaica or even Cancun and get away from the daily grind. Do you have a calendar of beaches? Well then, get one that gives you pictures of 12 gorgeous views of deserted beaches. Yes, you want deserted beaches because looking at them is more relaxing than looking at a crowded beach, right? Then, get a CD or tape of relaxing ocean sounds, put on your headphones, slip your shoes off and sip on a fruity nonalcoholic concoction for a few minutes. What could we call it? Island therapy? Beach bliss? Island zone-out? Whatever you choose to call it, it won’t cost much and you can probably get away to thatIsland break a couple of times a day, if you time it right. You’ll have to be prepared to explain that sappy self-satisfied grin on your face. Your co-workers are going to suspect something fishy is going on with you, and it might be hard to listen to complaints round the office when you know that your next island visit is only an hour and a half from now.


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