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Vacationing to Hawaii

Updated on May 15, 2015

Hawaii is the best place to vacation because you can island-hop to eight completely different and unique islands. You can choose for yourself whether you want to experience one island completely or get a sense of all the islands, giving yourself the full Hawaiian experience.

The absolute best place to vacation to is Hawaii. There are activities and attractions for every person depending on their preferred type of fun. For nature lovers, there is amazing scenery, and if you don’t mind some climbing, volcanoes, both active and inactive, to see and explore. For the animal lovers, there are plenty of up close and personal marine encounters and depending on the type of animal, you might even get a kiss. If you prefer deep water, you will enjoy a complete scuba or snorkeling experience. For those who like the shallow water, enjoy swimming in the many bays or build castles in the sand.

In 2007 alone, more than 10,708,453 people visited the Hawaiian Islands. Oahu had 4,823,874 visitors, Maui had 2,580,361 visitors, the MainLand had 1,739,458 visitors, Lanai had 105,499 visitors, Molokai had 86,579, and Kauai had 1,372,682 visitors; remember this is just six of eight islands and only the visitor numbers from 2007. Are you certain you don’t want to be one of the next visitors?

Maui is the only island Hawaiian island that has another island off its shore. This island is known as MolokiniIsland. Molokini has an underwater marine reserve and a seabird sanctuary. It is also a popular snorkeling and scuba diving site as it is located just thirty minutes from MaalaeaHarbor. Maui is also home to the Twin Falls which is made up of several rainforest pools with waterfalls. The Ka Eleku Caverns are found on Maui; an ancient cavern system that was created from hot molten lava which flowed over a thousand years ago. The cavern is two miles long and is large enough to accommodate a six story building! Last, but not least, is the Garden of Eden, an amazing garden encompassing over 27 acres of land.

The most recognized of the Hawaiian Islands would be the MainLand, also known as the BigIsland, or Hawaii Island. The island with three names is also home to the most active volcano on Earth, Kilauea Volcano. Besides a volatile volcano you can visit the Panaewa Rainforest Zoo; experience all the excitement of a real rainforest in the safe environment of a zoo. Travel through a botanical paradise and glimpse exotic animals like the white Bengal tiger. Not your thing? Then head over to KaunaoaBay for the Island's most beautiful beach. A long crescent of white sand and a sparkling bay makes this an excellent place for swimming & snorkeling. Arrive around midday and watch as green sea turtles come onto the beach. Wrap up your visit by exploring the KaumanaCaveCountyPark which is a huge lava tube accessible only by a guided tour.

The last island I will be speaking about today is Lanai; home to the Munro Trail, which leads to the highest point in the entire island, Mt. Lanai Hale. If you’re not a hiker, but still a nature lover, head over to the Garden of the Gods for a visit filled with gorgeous landscapes, ancient lava flows, stone pinnacles, and all around colors that will fill you with amazement and delight. Not satisfied yet? A visit to PolihuaBeach will provide you with some relaxation. This beach has a mirage-like feel as it is totally secluded, sprinkled in pure-white sand, and fronts the shimmering blue ocean.

One thing all the islands have in common is the type of fun tourists can seek in the sky. If you’re a thrill seeker, enjoy zip lining through dense forests or down mountainsides. If you want to touch the clouds, try gliding and paragliding. Prefer something a little closer to the ground? Try parasailing and you will get a bird’s eye view of the ocean. Feeling really adventurous? Try jumping out of a plane with only a parachute to slow you down. If you are more conservative, then perhaps a helicopter tour is right for you. Fly through waterfalls, high forest canopies, above the ocean and bays, or over the sandy shores.

What type of excitement do you enjoy? Land or sea? If the answer is the sea, then make an underwater splash in a submarine and see the fish in their natural habitat. If you prefer staying above the water, take a boating trip in one of the many bays or the ocean. Swim in the crystal clear water or stay on deck and work on your tan. There are also nighttime cruise boats where you will enjoy your dinner under the stars while being entertained with traditional Hawaiian music.

If your answer was land, then it depends on your desired level of adventure. Enjoy ATV’s? Start your engine and begin the race! If you prefer less competition, follow your tour guide through mountain trails, across sandy beaches, or even through forest terrain. Take a bicycle tour to experience the more difficult to get to parts of the island, but make sure to pack your water bottle for you will be in for a work out! If you’re an explorer, then look to the caves. Follow a guide through the shadowy depths; if you’re scared of the dark, don’t forget to pack your flashlight! Lastly, and my personal favorite, there is equestrian riding. Tag along with a guide or go on your own; take a trail or make your own. For the experienced rider take your mount into the ocean, but bring your poncho for you will get wet!

The Hawaiian Islands are famous for their marine life encounters. The scariest one by far is the shark cage. Go below the water's surface in a protected cage and come face-to-face with the most lethal underwater predator known to man! Next up are the stingrays; these mysterious creatures are surprisingly gentle, mellow, and safe to swim with. Plan a visit with the sea lions where you'll have the opportunity to play, pet and hug them, and possibly receive a kiss! Make sure to visit the dolphins; get up close and personal; hug, kiss, and even hang on for a ride.

Hawaii also has an underwater safari. If encountering only one marine animal is not enough excitement, then SeaTrekAdventurePark is the place to go. Gear up and submerge to the bottom of a Hawaiian Reef Tank where you will come upon sea turtles, exotic fish, stingrays, and many more amazing creatures!

Other Hawaiian attractions include Petro glyphs which are prehistoric writings on rocks and other natural surfaces. The Heiau were ancient places of worship in the Hawaiian Islands, now yours to explore and learn how the earlier people lived and worshiped.

For those who are not interested in history, there are many zoos and aquariums scattered across the eight islands. The main zoo however is the Honolulu Zoo, the largest zoo in all of the Hawaiian Islands. The best aquarium by far is the Waikiki Aquarium which houses the most aquatic creatures domestically kept in all the islands.

Hawaii is also home to many unique theme parks including the Polynesian Cultural Center, Sea Life Park, Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park, and the Kualoa Ranch Adventure Activity Center.

To conclude remember to vacation to the Hawaiian Islands. Hawaii is like eight different vacations all wrapped in one. More than ten million seven hundred eight thousand four hundred and fifty three people vacationed there in two thousand and seven alone. The big question is whether or not you will be left behind. Thank you for listening, and remember vacation to the Hawaiian Islands.


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