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Vacations in beautiful Greece

Updated on June 7, 2015

Santorini Island

If you are looking for a combination of beauty, charming and uniqueness of nature for your summer vacations, then you should look only to Santorini Island, Greece!

It is known as the most beautiful and romantic Greek island for summer holidays or for just an escape for a few days. With a magical sunset, beautiful beaches with black sand from the volcano, the air that will follow you wherever you go and the people with the gentle smile, Santorini island would be an unprecedented experience you will never forget.

Words can not express the beauty of the island. Santorini is able to offer days of relax for her visitors - the relaxing time that we all need nowadays. When you arrive - either by plane or by sea - you will get charmed by her beauty. Let the white houses, the dark blue sea and sky to help you "fly" away all your worries and problems. You will travel to the magic island, where anything is possible.

When you will arrive to the cliff of the island - the magnificent "Caldera" - which is 260mtr above sea, you will imagine that you are at the top of the world!!! And the beautiful view from there.... houses, churches like toys near one another, waves which chase one another under the cliff...And, of course the volcano opposite the island, waiting for the time that it will awake again.

If you decide to come to Santorini island, you will fly to a whole other world. Vacations to Santorini will create you the filling that you are able to touch the ultimate dream, since you will be in the most beautiful island of Greece!!!!



Romantic places


Cities and beaches of Santorini island

Its time to talk about the cities of Santorini island and their unique beauty... Fira - the capital of Santorini - is one of the most beautiful cities. Her location is right on the top of the cliff - 260mtr above sea. Exploring this city would be a thing that you would never forget. White houses, churches and graphic people characterize this city and charm the visitors. On the other hand, restaurants, coffee shops and many other shops, reminds you that you are in a cosmopolitan island...!!!

Firostefani is the higher spot of the city with the most extraordinary view and you will be able to admire one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. Luxurious hotels, romantic restaurants and sweet people characterize Firostefani.

Oia is the next famous "resort" of Santorini - connected with the sunset. An incredible beauty before your eyes...!!! The magnificent sunset can be seen clearly from there. The sky is painted with so many colors!! Houses - caves characterize this "resort" - due to the type of the ground there.

Of course, Santorini has many cities, but above mentioned are the most well known and preferable from visitors.  

Kamari is one of the most famous beaches of the island. Clear waters but deepen abruptly. The visitor will be able to see the Ancient Thera, as Kamari was its port during ancient times.

Beach of Perissa is another beautiful place and quite popular one, because of its black sand - from the volcano. One can also practice water sports there and there are many hotels around the beach for one to stay.

Red beach - near Akrotiri city - is our final destination. An extraordinary beach "painted" in Red color. Red sand and red rocks are all over the beach, creating a place you will never forget.

It is time to end our journey to Santorini island. It is true that words can not describe the magic of the island. That is why you should visit it and see the beauty in person!!!!       




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