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Valley-of-Fire State Park, Nevada

Updated on April 17, 2020

The Beauty at Valley-of-Fire State Park

Arch Rock
Arch Rock
Ancient Petroglyphs
Ancient Petroglyphs

Valley-of-Fire, NV Map

Map of Valley-of-Fire
Map of Valley-of-Fire

Books For Trails and Facts About Valley-of-Fire

A friend of mine has visited the park and also recommended this book and recommended the North Shore inn nearby, 702-397-6000.

It is an adventure Guide Valley of Fire

Visitors Center Valley-of-Fire

Visitors Center
Visitors Center

Visitors Center Valley-of-Fire State Park

The Visitors Center can be reached by calling 702-397-2088 or at for further information. The cost for entrance is $10. per car per day. If camping, it is $20. but does include the entrance fee. The visitors center has maps, books, souvenirs and plenty of exhibits.

They have bathrooms, water fountains, water for sale, a small selection of food and sandwiches.

Valley-of-Fire State Park

It is located at 29450 Valley of Firee Road, Overton, Nevada, 702-397-2088. The park is about 50 miles northeast of Las Vegas, butting Lake Mead Recreation.

This a renowned park with ancient petrified trees and ancient petroglyphs. Formed 150 million years ago from shifting sands and the uplifting land creating mountains. Prehistoric people of the valley were the Anasazi people who were farmers of the Moapa Valley. Anasazi means "ancient people." They were one of three cultures of the area, the Mogollon and the Hohokam.

Today, their descendants include the Pueblo, Hopi, and the Zuni.

The park began with a transfer of 8760 acres to Nevada in 1931. Through the use of the Civilian Conservation Corps, the campgrounds, trails, visitor cabins, and the roads were built. The Corps was a voluntary public work relief program for unemployed, unmarried men. It was part of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal Program.

Over the nine years, the Corps was in operation; over three million men participated. The Corps provided shelter, food and, $30 wage per month. The Corp was abolished during WW II.

Civilian Conservation Corps

The Unusual Formations in Valley-of-Fire

The Ancient Petroglyphs

These petroglyphs are some of the oldest found in the area. The oldest were found in Lake Winnemucca Lake, Nevada. Scientist have dated them between 10,500 to 14,800 years ago. Petroglyphs are made by creating images by removing part of the surface by picking, chilling, or carving the rocks or walls.

The Anasazi People

About the end of the thirteenth century, some cataclysmic event forced the Anasazi to flee their cliff houses and move south and east toward the Rio Grande and Little Colorado River. There are some indications that violence, warfare, and cannibalism. They had lived there for over 1000 years. Then, sometime between 1275-1300 A.D., they left.

Films Made With Scenes from Valley-of-Fire

Some films associated with Valley-of-Fire:

Viva Las Vegas with Elvis Presley, released in 1963

The Professionals starring Burt Lancaster, Lee Marvin, released 1966

In 1968, the park was designated as a National Natural Landmark.


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