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Vancouver: My View on This Fun City

Updated on July 9, 2017

Reflecting on Vancouver

Next year one of the places I want to visit is Vancouver because, years ago, I lived in Vancouver for a year and enjoyed it a lot. After I left Vancouver, I have not returned and it has been on my mind to visit. For the year I lived in Vancouver, I learned a lot about how to enjoy my stay in Vancouver. Some of the things I learned include best time to visit Vancouver, FREE quality attractions and food to try.

Best time to visit Vancouver

Based on my view I feel there are two periods that are debatable as to the best time to visit Vancouver. My favourite time in Vancouver were the months of June, July and August because it is summer and it does not rain often during these months.

The other period, some might argue is the best time to visit Vancouver are the months of January and February. The only reason why some might argue January and February is a great time to visit is because of the possibility of snow in Vancouver, which gives snowboarding and skiing fans a chance to enjoy their winter activities.

As for the other 7 months, I feel these months are less popular to visit Vancouver because it can rain a lot during those months, not the way you want to enjoy your travel experience.

FREE quality attractions

Gastown Steam Clock – When seeing the Gastown Steam Clock, located in Gastown part of Downtown Vancouver, I recommend seeing it if you happen to be passing by or you are around Gastown, because you are probably going to spend at most 10 minutes seeing the Gastown Steam Clock. If you are a big fan of taking pictures and want to take a picture of something unique in Vancouver, I suggest taking a picture of the Gastown Steam Clock.

Grouse Grind – For those who like to walk and hike, I highly recommend going to the Grouse Grind at the Grouse Mountain, located in North Vancouver. I remember going up Grouse Grind and noticing a lot of people going up the same trail as me. Basically the trail has a set route with an urban and man made trail that leads to the top of Grouse Mountain. When I did the Grouse Grind, it took me around 80 minutes to get to the top. When you are at the top, you can get a nice feel for nature. The most obvious way to get down to the mountain is to take the open route that goes down. When going down the mountain keep in mind that it will not be comfortable because when I went down there was no man made trail to go down. Therefore I had to walk on a lot of mud and sand. Also parts of the route going down were slippery. Another way you can go down the mountain is by taking the Skyride, for a fee.

Tip: When going up the Grouse Grind, you should bring at least 1 liter bottle of water because going up the mountain can prove to be a dehydrating experience.

Tip 2: While going up the mountain, try to finish the trail up because when I was in the middle of doing the Grouse Grind I notice some people could not complete the entire trail up to the top of the mountain. While they were in the middle of walking down the mountain people were giving them strange and awkward looks with the facial expression of “why are you going down?” and a questionable body language.

Stanley Park – I feel the best attraction in Vancouver. It is located at the west part of Downtown Vancouver. Stanley Park is a very versatile park and I always enjoy my visit to Stanley Park. This park has a lot trees and open space; therefore a very nice place to enjoy a walk. Yet, Stanley Park is extremely big and I remember walking counterclockwise from the north part to the south part; it took me almost 2 hours while looking at the sea. On the southern part of Stanley Park is a beach, very good for those who like to relax and enjoy the good weather. Outside of Stanley Park, on the east of it, there are many restaurants. I used to go to a lot of these restaurants after my walk on Stanley Park. The restaurants are about a 5-minute walk away outside of Stanley Park.

NOTE: If you are a big fan of shopping, near Stanley Park, there is a street called Robson that is known for a lot of retail shopping.

Food to try

From my experience living in Vancouver, I can tell this city is known for their seafood, specifically halibut, prawn and salmon. I enjoyed eating the seafood in Vancouver. The different ways they make their seafood is tasty too. For example, I remember eating a salmon burger meal in Downtown Vancouver.

In terms of cuisine Vancouver is known for having a lot of high quality Chinese and Japanese cuisine. Throughout the city of Vancouver you will notice a lot of Asian food. But the lower mainland and suburban area known for having lots of Chinese and Japanese restaurants is Richmond.


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