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Vancouver : The Pacific Pearl of the Western Canada

Updated on December 28, 2015

Vancouver is a Canadian port city set on the mainland of British Columbia. Its official name is "The City of Vancouver".

The name "Vancouver", which refers to both the City of Vancouver, Vancouver Island, and the US city of Vancouver in Washington State, takes its origin from George Vancouver, a famous captain of the Royal Navy. Until its final appointment in 1885, the name was referring to Vancouver Island, which created the illusion that the city was on the island.

On the edge of the Pacific, Vancouver is located between Burrard Inlet in the North and the Fraser River in the South. At the West of the city, the Strait of Georgia separates the metropolis from Vancouver Island. The latter creates a kind of bulwark to the city against Pacific Ocean whims. Covering an area of ​​114 km2, the city is made of flat and undulating reefs. Its time zone is that of the Pacific time (UTC-8).

It originated, the Gastown settlement, precursor of the City of Vancouver, was limited, to a sawmill of wood called Hasting Mill, built on the South side of Burrard Inlet.

In July 1867, Gassy Jack had persuaded the owners of the sawmill to build them a makeshift tavern. Soon, several shops and hotels will be established along the Western waterfront. Gastown will be formally promoted and registered under the name of Granville BI, (BI for Burrard Inlet). The authorities at that time had designated this urban area, as line starting point of Canadian Pacific Railway and was renamed "Vancouver".

In 1887, the transcontinental railroad connected the city to the National network. Its largest port will quickly become a vital link for trade between Western and Eastern Canada and by there, with Europe.

The Vancouver area is the most populous in Western Canada. It has about 2.4 million inhabitants. On the ethnic and linguistic sides, Vancouver embodies the most diversified city in Canada; more than half of its inhabitants use a first language other than English. The surface of the city is about 114 square kilometers, with a density, which approximates the 5249 people per square kilometer.

In 2009, the metropolis had become the largest port of Canada. In spite of the fact that the forest industry remains its largest activity, Vancouver, surrounded by a sublime nature, welcomes every year thousands of visitors, making tourism its second economic activity.

The major cinematographic Studios of Burnaby will make Vancouver one of the largest film centers of North America, and earned the nickname of North Hollywood.

The city boasts Stanley Park, one of the best urban parks in North America, covering 4049 km. The mountains of northern Shore dominate the landscape of the quote. In any case, during the good weather, people can admire the snow-covered volcano Mount Baker located southeast of the State of Washington.

Vancouver enjoys the prestige of belonging to one of the five best cities of the world in matters of quality of life and habitability.

During five consecutive years, the Economist Intelligence Unit, had promoted Vancouver, in the matter of quality of life, to the first rank among the ten most pleasant cities of the world.

The metropolis of the Pacific has also hosted many international events, including the conference of the British Empire and Commonwealth Games 1954, the Expo 86 and the 1989 and 2009 World Games of Police Officers and Firefighters.

The 2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games of the same year, have given to Vancouver and Whistler, their blazon of prestige.

In 1914 in California, after thirty years of successive seminaries, TED (Technology Entertainment, Design) has finally elected Vancouver to become its permanent seat.

In 2015, the metropolis was elected capital of the Women's World Cup, where thousands of fans had followed the final at BC Place.


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