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Vegas Needs Gays

Updated on October 6, 2009


When I moved to Vegas (almost eleven years ago) the real gay bars were all contained on a strip behind the Strip known as “the fruit loop” a sort of industrial space of the town that you had to know where you were going to find but like most gay ghettos, the gays who wanted to be fruits in the loop had no trouble finding it. I’ll admit that I’ve never even been to the fruit loop so I can’t talk about it with much hands on information. A few years ago Krave opened on the actual Strip and it touted itself as the first gay club on the actual Strip. Although a recent trip to Krave proved to me that the club while predominantly gay is becoming sort of what all clubs are becoming, places for people to get fucked up and find a partner for the next twenty minutes. But recently I’ve noticed a bit of a trend in the Vegas gay club scene and that is that many of the mainstream clubs or casinos are now blatantly pandering to get gays. And like that old “B” science fiction movie of the 1950’s that proclaimed, “Mars Needs Women” I think that Vegas is sending a message just as loud and clear – Vegas Needs Gays! – Don’t Get Me Started!

It started out (or I should say that I became aware of it) when I received an invite from the local gay magazine (through Facebook so I’m not sure if that’s an invite, an evite or simply an announcement but you get the idea) that on Tuesday nights, the House of Blues Foundation Room was going gay. That’s right, the Foundation Room which was always sort of the elite part of the House of Blues was now opening its door officially for the gay dollars. I went to the launch night and you can read that blog here While I haven’t been back and I hope that it’s successful for all parties concerned, it’s not my “scene” shall we say (and if you read the blog you’ll get why).

Well recently Revolution (the club outside the theatre that houses the Cirque show Love) announced that it was now featuring “Closet Sundays.” The tag line for these nights is, “For boys who like boys and their girlfriends.” Am I the only gay in the world who has no idea what this means? Am I the only gay in the world that is slightly offended by the fact that they want gays to go to a night that has “closet” in the title? And what of this Closet Sundays, does it mean like it seems to imply that it’s for guys who like guys but don’t want anyone other than the guys that they’re with for ten minutes to ten years to know? Is it a place for gays to bring the girls in their life who have the unrequited love for them so that the gay can meet their Mr. Right while giving their gal pals (formerly known as fag hags) an opportunity to shop for a new gay to be attached at the hip to or with? Or is it simply a catchy name and I’m completely over reacting to it? It could be one or all of the above, I honestly just don’t know.

When it comes to clubs in general, I think the shift everyone has seen over the past few years is that anyone who is in business and wants to stay in business is going to go after any and every dollar out there. Sure right now the mainstream clubs may be going “gay for a night” but I predict that soon it won’t matter if you’re gay or straight (sung to Michael Jackson’s “Black or White”), if you want to go to a club to meet some meat then any club is going to be catering to you and the people going to these clubs are going to be forced to become more accepting of the fact that when a girl is looking at a couple she might be interested in the guy or the girl or both (and the same goes for guys). The more people become comfortable with their sexuality, the more I think we’re going to see everyone letting it all hang out everywhere. Now I’m sure there will still be a market for the gay leather bars for those who are only interested in meeting gays who are into leather or some other sort of specific fetish but it’s a bit of a cool thing that we’re seeing sluts getting to get into the mainstream of any club, isn’t it? No longer will you have to seek out that crappy rainbow windsock in front of a dingy bar, now you can go into any bar USA, get fucked up and feel fucked that you fucked someone you shouldn’t have or wouldn’t have fucked if you’d been sober.

The thing that these clubs need to remember is that we gays are just as out of work as everyone else. The days of gays being seen as these people who have disposable incomes due to the fact that they didn’t have any children or legal spouses are over. That’s right, more and more gays have legal spouses, children and their disposable income went with the wind the same as many other people’s extra mad money. The playing field is becoming more and more level (like it or not) and the gays aren’t all spending all their money on hair highlights and Hummers anymore. In a way it’s great to see that Sin City may be leading the way to making gays more welcome at even the most local of watering holes but I’m not kidding myself, the real acceptance here is by business owners that do not care whose cash, Mastercard, Visa or Amex their processing for that $17 martini. And while some may say that this is yet another thing that will “stay in Vegas” let’s hope that acceptance doesn’t only happen here. And while you right wingers may start getting nervous, please don’t. Nevada still doesn’t allow gay marriage (we just got Domestic Partnership but it does not include all the rights of marriage). But businesses are getting smarter about leaving Jesus at church if it means that Jesus and Bob kissing at their bar is going to bring in more money! Vegas Needs Gays! – Don’t Get Me Started!

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    • smarleygrl7 profile image

      smarleygrl7 8 years ago

      I will not go into the ends and outs of why I do not see the gay lifestyle the way you do. I am a right ringer, as you put it. The only comment I want to make is, as a christian the image of leaving Jesus at church is not possible. When you are true in your faith Jesus goes every where with you, He is not a take and leave only when we feel like it kind of Savior.