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Venice Beach Canals During Christmas

Updated on April 10, 2010

Venice Beach, California. When you think of Venice Beach perhaps you think of fire breathing men, guys juggling chainsaws, incredible feats by incredible acrobats, fortune-tellers, Rastafarians, hippies, drifters, artists, musicians or surfers. And wealthy tobacco owner, Abbott Kinney, did design Venice Beach to be an entertainment city from its very inception, in 1905, and Venice Beach was previously home to a world class pier holding a host of rides, a dance hall, carousel and so much more. That this pier has long since burned to the ground (twice) and all that remains is the rock breakwater that once stood at the end of the pier, is a fact. But that’s a history lesson and perhaps another hub. For now, I’ll focus on why Venice Beach was so named. Not only was Abbott Kinney designing this city to be all fun and games, he also designed it after Venice, Italy.

Venice Beach once had miles upon miles of canals, complete with gondolas. That the City of Los Angeles filled up these canals leaving only a few to remain is another story and, again, lies in a history lesson which is not this hub.

The canals are of striking beauty and are somewhat of a secret, even to those who were born and raised in LA. On a calm summer night the lights from the houses reflect off the placid canal water and provide the perfect romantic setting for any couple passing; not to mention they’re a block from the beach so if an arm-in-arm stroll through the canals with your sweetheart doesn’t do the trick, you can fall back on the romantic walk-on-the-beach-at-night routine. In fact, Ashton Kutcher and Jennifer Garner kissed on the bridge of one of the Venice Beach Canals in the movie Valentine’s Day. And as a side note, it was that very bridge where I had my first kiss while on my first date. But that’s another story in yet another hub, though not far enough in the past to classify as “history”.

Traditionally, every Christmas the residents who live on the canals decorate their houses and the bridges, creating not only a romantic setting but also emulating holiday cheer. Brilliant, colorful lights bounce merrily off the serene canal water and they are there for anybody who wishes to see them.

You may like the photos I took. However, my camera died just before we got to the one canal where they went overboard on the decorations. Its beauty or number of decorations or the size is just simply beyond description. I can say that I do have sympathetic feelings towards people who will be paying the electricity bill for that row of houses. Next year I will capture this magic for you on camera. For now, enjoy the photos I have. Till next year.


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I have known the Venice beach area for many years. And these photos and articles discribe it in a way that captures the beauty and magic of that little city inside of Los Angeles County. This site makes me want to get in my car and find that spot on the canals and sit and ponder it all. Thank you mr.Tyler for your intersting site.


    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I think mr Tyler is very exact about Venice Ca

      He seems to have captured the whole feel of how it 'really was' and 'really is'



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