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Victoria Falls; the Forgotten Wonder of the World.

Updated on August 16, 2014

Location of Victoria Falls on the Map

Zimbabwe Victoria Falls:
Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

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The Victoria Falls located at the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The Victoria falls is one of the less talked about 7 wonders of the world with many people even wondering where it is located. I have been asked questions such as where is Victoria Falls located, is it located across Victoria River and a few with a rough idea would ask about the Zimbabwe Victoria falls or Zambia Victoria Falls. After visiting the place many times, l decided to write a brief article about Victoria Falls.

The truth is the Victoria Falls are located between Zimbabwe and Zambia, across the mighty Zambezi River. The two landlocked countries are located in Southern Africa. Access to the outer world is through South Africa and Tanzania. The mighty Zambezi travels for more than 2700 km across Africa and it is a source of renewable hydro-electric power stations such as the Mozambican Kabora Basa, the Zimbabwe-Zambia Kariba dam. It was formed due to a geographical fault a cross the water path which forced water to cascade into the fault causing extensive denudation.

Why is it Called the Victoria Waterfall?

The locals who stayed near the falls called it ‘Mosi-ou-Tunya’ literally translated to ‘the smoke that thunders’. The name is not surprising given the mist that is constantly hanging above the waterfall like smoke. The roaring sound is from 625 million litres of raw water continuously pounding the solid floor of the gorge. Only the sound of thunder could equate to such a deafening sound coming from the smoke (mist). From the 1980s, locals started shortening the name to Vic Falls and it is likely to be the name one will hear more frequently.

The mist is formed as trapped air is suddenly replaced by mega litres of water causing it to escape through the top of the gorge. The pressured air escapes carrying droplets of water with it hence the mist. That is why it is always advisable to put on a raincoat or carry an umbrella when visiting the falls.

When Livingstone (a British explorer) visited the falls, he was impressed and he concluded that only the queen of England (Victoria) was as magnificent as the falls hence the name Victoria Falls. Some even call them Livingstone’s Victoria Falls.

Livingstone later wrote in his dairy;

No one can imagine the beauty of the view from anything witnessed in England. It had never been seen before by European eyes; but scenes so lovely must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight

Victoria Falls.
Victoria Falls. | Source

Did you know where Victoria Falls is Located Before Reading this Article?

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Currently the fall's water curtain stretches for more than 1,7 km with the longest part located on the Zimbabwean side. The nearly continuous transparent curtain of clean water plunges into a gorge between 80-108 meters deep.As the bright African sun shines across the mist created by the falls, a beautiful rainbow is formed mimicking the diverse colours of people who visit this World Wonder.

The water then flows calmly through the narrow gorge creating the calm boiling point. The boiling point is the deepest and narrowest part of the gorge where the water starts to emerge from the waterfall’s plunge pool. The calmness of the water after that ferocious plunge is mind boggling and the boiling motion of the water is mesmerising.

l Had a Close Shot During my Last Visit to Vic Falls.
l Had a Close Shot During my Last Visit to Vic Falls. | Source

Activities to Enjoy at Victoria Falls.

While you can spend the whole day watching the waterfalls, there are other interesting activities you can enjoy in Victoria Falls briefly discussed in this article.

Safaris Rides.

If you want to go for game rides, then the open roof vehicles are available to take you around. You can also ride on tamed elephants if you like. As you can see from one of the pictures above there are lots elephants around which can gracefully criss-crossing the town roads unperturbed. I wonder if there are any elephant robots in the town?

White Water Rafting.

Is you are a thrill seeker you can enjoy the white water rafting. There are various companies with experienced guides to help you navigate the meandering rapids of the Zambezi River. Alternatively you can go for a boat cruise while enjoying the Africa sunshine.

Bungee Jumping.

It is mainly carried out from the bridge that link Zimbabwe and Zambia called the Livingstone Bridge. You can jump down for an exhilarating 100 metres before you are tagged back by the elastic bungee rope.

Victoria Falls Aerial View.

If you want a superb aerial view of the falls, then feel free to jump into one of the helicopters or you can charter a small plane. The aerial view of the falls is unbelievable. It was really what Livingstone visualised when he wrote the classic statement is his dairy.

Victoria Falls from Above
Victoria Falls from Above | Source

Other Activities at Victoria Falls.

Other activities includes joining the Victoria Falls backpackers, touring the Livingstone Bridge, Sunset Boat Cruising, Steam Train Tours, Casinos, the list is endless.

Now You Know Where Victoria Falls is Located.

Now you know in which country is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. However l encourage you to visit a comprehensive guide to learn more about

  • how to get to Victoria Falls.
  • hotels and lodges.
  • Victoria Falls restaurants.
  • flights to and from Victoria Falls.
  • weather in Victoria Falls.
  • Visa requirements.
  • Exact fees and prices of services.

If you have visited Victoria Falls already lets hear your story below. I can also find out any additional information you need about visiting Victoria Falls if you enter your request or questions in the commentary box below.


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    • ergonomic profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Stockholm

      @Sadstill22 - thank you for reading the article and taking time to leave your comment. l totally agree with you, the falls are amazing.

    • sadstill22 profile image


      4 years ago from Singapore

      beautiful falls


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