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Vincom Mega Mall Royal – the biggest underground shopping & entertainment center in Asia

Updated on April 15, 2014

Vincom Mega Mall Royal

A markerRoyal City -
Royal City, Thượng Đình, Thanh Xuân, Hanoi, Vietnam
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With a total area of up to 230.000m2, Vincom Mega Mall Royal City has become the first commercial and entertainment center in Vietnam developed with Megal Mall module to serve all kinds of customers’ needs from shopping to entertainment.

Discovering the wonders inside Vincom Mega Mall Royal City, you will be overwhelmed by its subtle architecture when walking into the garden on the European classic cars, enjoying a delicious meal in a cozy space or indulging in waterpark & skating area, etc.
Let’s explore inside Vincom Mega Mall (VMM) Royal City - the most attractive location in Hanoi in 2014

Vincom Mega Mall Royal  Square
Vincom Mega Mall Royal Square | Source

On-ground Area With around 30,000 Square meters: occupied with large sculptures and beautiful European-styled garden with tropical plants. This place will be the venue for organizing big events

Vincom Mega Mall Royal  WaterFall
Vincom Mega Mall Royal WaterFall | Source

Upon entering the main gate of the Trade Center, visitors will have opportunity to admire a giant waterfall with the height of 14m conveying a message of Vietnamese culture. It reflects an image from the tale of the carp transforming into a dragon. Visitors can enjoy the beauty like paradise in the heart of the city

Vincom Mega Mall Royal  Shopping
Vincom Mega Mall Royal Shopping | Source

Shopping complex up to 150.000 square meters with 600 booths is the most diversified shopping destination in Vietnam. In VMM Royal City, the booths are distributed by area with various sectors to serve the specialized needs of diversified customers.

Here, customers can easily select products from Furniture Street, Electronic Appliances Street, Home Ware Street at B1 floor, or shop at Fashion Street, Cosmetics and Jewelry Avenue at B2 floor. The modern designed stores, high quality products and attractive promotion programs for each event will satisfy the strictest shoppers.

Vincom Mega Mall Royal  Cuisine
Vincom Mega Mall Royal Cuisine | Source

On an area of over 44,000 square meters of Royal City VMM gathers more than 200 big and small restaurants. Here, visitors will be able to enjoy a variety of food with diversified space layout. Among which, Hanoi Old Quarter is also a vivid, unique food street with the sophisticated flavor of Asian cuisine including Vietnamese street food, Chinese food, Japanese food, South Korean food, European food, Thai food.

Besides, VMM Royal City is especially attractive with a wide range of entertainment activities:

Vincom Mega Mall Royal  Water Park
Vincom Mega Mall Royal Water Park | Source

In-house Water Park (24,000 square meters): Vinpearl Water Park Royal City with the theme "tropical jungle" operate four season throughout the year. Here tourists can experience the thrill from the slip lane, surfing pool, wave pool that bring them a lot of fun moments.

Vincom Mega Mall Royal  ice skating rink
Vincom Mega Mall Royal ice skating rink | Source

The largest natural ice skating rink in Vietnam - Vinpearl Royal City Ice Rink with total area of up to 3,000 square meters contains 150 players at one time and maintains the temperature below 0 o C. It is not only a great place to "enjoy the ice" but also great place to start winter sports - which is "specialty" in cold countries such as skating, hockey by professional coach. There will be skating club (Vinpearl Ice Rink Club) that organizes regular exciting activities for members, and competitions, and artistic performances for tourists to enjoy

VMM Royal City has 72 stairwells with a system of corridors characterized reasonably to help customers to travel conveniently. In the meantime, base area is a special space outside the booth. Seat systems and the palm give customers a relaxed feeling. At weekend, you can enjoy the special performances with European styled street artists

Vincom Mega Mall Royal  electric taxi
Vincom Mega Mall Royal electric taxi | Source

In particular, if there are needs for assistance in moving within the shopping center, customers can use transfer service which includes classic cars that are specifically designed according to the 20th century models and have never appeared in any other commercial centers in Vietnam. This electric taxi fleet is an impressive feature that visitors will have the opportunity to experience when visiting the Royal City.

Opened on 26th July 2013, Vincom Mega Mall Royal City becomes an irresistible destination of both local people & foreign tourists


  • CURRENCY: Vietnamese Dong; US dollars widely accepted
  • BEST TIME TO VISIT: The best time to come to Hanoi is autumn (September to November). You should avoid Tet (Lunar New Year) when many stores close for the holiday.
  • HOW TO GET THERE: There are so many airlines you can choose from to fly to Hanoi: Singapore Airlines, Vietnam airlines, Air Asia, Tiger Air, Cebu, etc.


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    • saltymick profile image

      saltymick 4 years ago

      I spent two weeks in Hanoi in December 2011. I liked it very much, especially the Old Quarter where I stayed - but Vincom Mega mall looks too big for me. Maybe it's the biggest mall in the world? Very impressive though. Good hub.