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Vintage Cottages | Homes with old time charm | A small town thriving on historical values

Updated on April 10, 2013

As many towns show the wear and desperation of the economic times, this small Texas town keeps history alive.

Complete with vintage cottages it’s a place that many dream of living in. It’s as old fashioned as moms apple pie.

They are mostly small simple homes but with an eye appealing outside charm that many can’t resist.

These cottages are being fixed up and used for weekend rental retreats, while others are being used as main homesteads for retirees.

We found all of this in the small quaint town in Fayetteville Texas.

The homes are mostly historical sites complete with the beautiful picket fences and inviting front porches.

The community has done exceptionally well to preserve the historical significance of the town. The homes and properties are kept up exceptionally well.

Even the downtown square is maintained with the historical court house complete with period glass windows and a functioning bell tower clock.

Amazingly, Fayetteville is a small Texas town with a population of less than 300 located about half way between Huston and Austin.

There’s really no major industry or other significant tax base contributor to support such a thriving historical village.

While other towns have struggled to keep their down towns from falling in with dilapidated empty buildings and homes needing demolition Fayetteville has maintained a picture perfect post card image.

Vintage cottages and homes feature the old time front porches decorated with old style rockers and colorful flowers.

In the era when these cottages were being built the front porch would be considered the family room in today’s modern home.

Keep in mind air conditioning and televisions were not yet invented, so the front porch served as the families gathering place each evening to escape the hot summer heat that invaded the home during the day.

The front porch was also the gathering place for friends and neighbors especially on Sunday afternoons following church.

The front porch was also consider the safe zone for young men to court the daughters where the parents could still keep an eye out the front window or screen door to be sure things weren’t going past holding of the hands.

White picket fences and vintage entry gates frame the shot of a peaceful tranquil place to soak up the sun and sip on a glass of Southern sweet tea.

Each cottage has the traditional old style clap board siding trimmed in period ginger bread design and artfully painted to enhance the historical architecture.

Even the old downtown Gulf gas station has been maintained as it was used in the centuries leading up to the modern day convenience stores.

You can almost visualize the driveway bell ringing and the gas station attendant greeting you with, fill it up sir, may I also check the oil and tires?

So our hats are off to the fine citizens and community leaders who have done so well to preserve this little part of the American Heritage.

Pictures are courtesy of Cottage Craft Works .com an old fashioned product online general store supporting old time American values


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    • Pamela-anne profile image


      5 years ago from Miller Lake

      What a lovely little town sitting on one of the porches sipping some nice sweet tea sure does sound good; thanks for sharing!


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