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Virgil E. Brown Center, Cleveland, Ohio

Updated on February 8, 2011
Virgil E. Brown Center, Cleveland, Ohio
Virgil E. Brown Center, Cleveland, Ohio

The Virgil E. Brown Center — also called the Cuyahoga County Human Services Building — is a six-floor, 310,000 square foot structure that houses the varied employment and family Services of the Board of County Commissioners of Cuyahoga County, Ohio (which embraces Cleveland and its surrounding communities).

The Center provides a broad range of services to local constituents, including voter registration, employment assistance and work programs, Medicaid and child care assistance, and tax preparation guidance. Offices housed within the building also administer Healthy Start, and food and utility assistance programs for the County.

Situated at 1641 Payne Avenue at downtown Cleveland’s easterly edge, the structure was completed in 1991, based on the design of local architect Richard Fleischman & Partners. It thus carries the distinctively gaudy colors and at-times-affected geometric and prismatic flourishes of the Fleischman oeuvre.

With an attenuated rectilinear form, and a rather substantial 40,000 square foot floor plate, the structure incorporates three multiple-story atriums, not only to make the arrangement of myriad agencies comprehensible to users circulating within, but also to introduce ample natural daylighting to the many offices arrayed about its floors.

A marker1641 Payne Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio -
1641 Payne Ave, Cleveland, OH 44114, USA
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Acess to the Virgil E. Brown Center may e had from either Payne Avenue or East 17th Street.


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