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Visit Australia with your laptop – Internet access Australia

Updated on December 20, 2009

As I am travelling the world I notice more and more people bringing their laptops while travelling. Whether people go away for half a year or more, or just short holidays. Apparently we live in a time, where we cannot go without the internet for more then 24 hours anymore. And I have to admit I am very guilty of this too.

All internet addicts that visit Australia will be fine. Every town, even the very small ones, have internet access. You can always find a little cafe that has wireless internet, or a convenience store with a few computers with internet access.

Most hotels and hostels have their own networks as well. Sometimes they are free, most of the time you have to buy a coupon at reception. These networks are usually high speed internet. So there is enough bandwidth to do the small things, like check your email and update your travel blog. And even things that cost more bandwidth, like uploading pictures or downloading movies for the long bus rides, will not be a problem.

free internet access in libraries

Most of the bigger Australian cities have free internet in their libraries. If you want to use one of their computers, you usually have to register at reception (this is free). They often have a time limit on it though, this can vary from an hour per day to five hours per day. For laptops there is unlimited wireless internet access. This is usually high speed internet too. The biggest libraries which offer this are in Sydney, Adelaide, Darwin, Perth, and Melbourne.


Than there are some companies in Australia which try and get more customers by offering them free wireless internet.

The first one is the McDonald’s. This chain is widespread throughout Australia and every branch has free access. It is not really high speed internet  though, especially when you are not the only one using it. It is perfect for quickly checking your mail, but far to slow for any big projects or skyping with your loved ones. Not every McDonalds has plugs though, so make sure your laptop is charged before you go there.

Gloria Jeans Coffee and Starbucks

Then there is Gloria Jeans Coffee. This is a really great coffee place, very similar to Starbucks. They have a wireless internet network which is a lot faster than the McDonalds. Plus the food and coffee is a lot better too. They usually do have plugs, so pick a comfy chair, or a table, plug in your laptop and surf away.

The Starbucks will often have wireless internet too. But you have to pay for this one, and you need to do that online by credit card. If you open your browser the screen in which you have to pay will open automatically. But if you do not have a credit card, there is no internet for you here.

Unlocked networks

Then, sometimes it pays off to just take your laptop and look if there are any wireless internet networks nearby that are not password protected. It will surprise you how many companies and people still do not do this. Off course be careful with this. This is someone else’s network you are connecting to, so do not do anything to get them into trouble. This is most likely to work in larger cities and less successful in smaller cities.

So all you internet addicts (and also you normal folks), go on and visit Australia!


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    • Jeanne Crouse profile image

      Jeanne Crouse 7 years ago from New England

      Great tips about going to MacDonalds or Starbucks or the library. Hotels in Australia tend to charge an outrageous amount for in-room internet use or internet in their business centers. Pricing averages around $25-35 AUD per 24 hours and in some hotels it is as high as $96 for 24 hours.

      A few hotels offer free wi-fi in their lobbies, but you must be staying in the hotel to get the wireless key.

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 7 years ago from the short journey

      Good info again! Looking forward to reading more of your well-done work.