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Visit Brazil

Updated on May 7, 2010

Amazing places to visit in Brazil

Brazil - Rio de Janeiro
Brazil - Rio de Janeiro
Brazil - Trancoso
Brazil - Trancoso
Brazil - Barra Grande
Brazil - Barra Grande
Brazil - Taipus de Fora
Brazil - Taipus de Fora

Come visit Brazil

Natural wealth and cultural diversity are the main features of Brazil.

Being the fifth largest country in the world with a territory covering nearly half of South America, Brazil is blessed with the most beautiful landscapes on earth. Sunshine and blue sky made brazilian beaches famous in the whole world. But Brazil has much more to offer.

In the Northern Region is the Amazon Rainforest, the lungs of our planet. In the Northeast, beautiful beaches and the paradise of Fernando de Noronha Archipelago. In the Central-West, the Pantanal. In the Southeast has a lot of history and culture in Minas Gerais, opportunities in Sao Paulo, the main city of Latin America, and Rio de Janeiro, wonderful city. In the South, with a milder climate, there are paradise beaches in Santa Catarina, the charming winter in the Serra Ga├║cha and the spectacle of nature at the Iguazu Falls.

From all that Brazil has to offer there is an attraction that you only discover when you get there: the Brazilian people. With hospitality, creativity and willingness of a unique people, the happiness of Brazilians infect every tourist. Music, dance, mix of colors and races... the tourist has contact with something very special that only the Brazilian people can offer.

Brazil Sensational

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    • mochileiro profile image

      mochileiro 7 years ago from Brazil


      Thanks for the comment!

      Brazil really has a lot of amazing things.

    • diaoest profile image

      diaoest 7 years ago from HONGKONG

      Wooo, amazing~!