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Visit Greece - the Place Where Everything Started

Updated on March 19, 2019
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Traveler in imagination and happy pathless, if nowhere else.


It is enough to say, the cradle of European civilization. The historical and cultural heritage of Greece has left an impact on the entire modern world in almost all areas of life: many discoveries in art, literature, philosophy, politics, and language we owe to this country which is the home of one of the most valuable things today that most of the world has - democracy. So how can you miss it during your travel plans?

Officially named the Hellenic Republic, Greece is located in southeastern Europe on the shores of the Aegean, Mediterranean and Ionian Seas. Most of the area is occupied by hills and mountains. It has a very indented and steep coast. Depending on the source, the number of Greek islands ranges from 3000 to 6000. Because of this and favorable Mediterranean climate, Greece represents the most attractive tourist destination in the world.

The most important is the atmosphere

What is even more attractive for tourists are people. Greeks are known as a very friendly and social, openhearted and communicative, and their personality creates the best atmosphere to enjoy food and drink. The first cookbook in history (300 BC) comes from the pen of a Greek, Archestratos. They still cherish their traditional customs related to food which makes their kitchen a lifestyle and a copy of the ancient feasts.

Preparing meals in Greece has its own rules and secrets. The most important are four of them: fresh and quality ingredients are grown in a natural way, the correct dosage of spices (oregano, thyme, mint, rosemary), healthy and high-quality olive oil that is used in almost every dish and simplicity.


The touch of the Orient on the Mediterranean

Due to its location and natural characteristics, Greek cuisine is Mediterranean cuisine. The main ingredients are fish, seafood, olives and olive oil, fresh fruit, and vegetables. The dishes you have to try are moussaka (minced meat with potatoes), souvlaki (skewered meat) and Greek salad Choriatiko (fresh vegetables, feta cheese, olives, olive oil, and oregano).

The appetizer is made up of mezedes, small meals, and ouzo, alcoholic drink with anise taste and their sweets always have cinnamon and honey. In addition to Greek, you will see a part of the Turkish culinary tradition because of its influence through moussaka, baklava, meatballs, and pilaf.

Greek salad
Greek salad

Gods and Heroes

The most important Greek tourist region is the Attica region with the capital of Athens, the most visited in the country, and the Corinth Canal. Athens is the economic and cultural center of the country. On the hill of the Acropolis and its close proximity, there are many buildings: Athena Parthenon temple, a monumental entrance Propylaea, the Erechtheion temple (5th century BC.). In the city are also Dionysus Theatre and the Olympic Stadium that was built on the location of an ancient stadium.

Northwest of the Acropolis is Agora, the center of ancient Athens with renewed colonnades and Temple of Hephaestos. There is also the Temple of Zeus largest in Greece and numerous museums, the National Archaeological, Byzantine, Acropolis and Ethnology.

On the southwest side is Falnski bay tucked in Attica with a series of small resorts, bathing and recreational area with many hotels, casinos, restaurants, and other amusement parks and sports fields.


Visit Santorini - the most beautiful island in the world

Do not miss Delphi, the center of worship of the god Apollo on the southern slope of the mountain of Parnassus, “the mountain of the poets and fairies” with the famous oracle and Apollo’s temple. Visit Epidaurus, ancient city in the Saronic Gulf in the Peloponnese, with the temple of the god of medicine Asclepius, the ancient stadium and preserved theater from the 4th century BC which hosts a summer festival of ancient tragedies.

The island of Crete is the largest Greek island. In Knossos you can see the remains of the palace of King Minos from times of Aegean culture, the walls in Iraklion from the Venetian and the minarets from the Turkish domination. To find out more about the former Republic of Venice you will go to the island of Corfu in the Ionian Sea because four centuries was part of it.

Island of Santorini
Island of Santorini

If you prefer antiques, visit Mycenae and fortress with 6 meters thick Cyclopean walls and the Lion's Gate and the remains of the royal palace and royal tombs. Olympia was the site of all the Greek Olympic Games (776 BC. - 394), and also has the ruins of the temples of Zeus and Hera.

Rhodes and the volcanic island of Santorini are important tourist destinations. The latter has been repeatedly named the most beautiful island in the world and is located in the southern Cyclades, which is partially blown up in a violent explosion in 1500 BC. Rhodes is located on the island in the Dodecanese and boasts by excellently preserved walls from the 13th century.

The remains of King Minos' palace in Knossos, Crete
The remains of King Minos' palace in Knossos, Crete

What to do in Greece: luxury or health?

Beside the sight-seeing, Greece is rich also in terms of activities and entertainment. Sports tourism is cherished, where you can practice athletics, volleyball, basketball, soccer, tennis, golf, sailing and surfing. Many hotels have in their complexes courts and halls so you can enjoy your favorite sport.

If you like walking, visit the wine routes that lead you through carefully cultivated vineyards, and caves: there are about 8500 of them and some are significant because of anthropological discoveries such Petralona, cave in Chalkidiki and Franchthi cave in the Peloponnese.

There are also taverns, traditional restaurants and bars on the sea and the mountains, cinemas, theaters, many shops of fashion brands, traditional markets, and we have already mentioned relaxation and openness of the Greeks which is reflected in the intense nightlife where the fun lasts until the early morning.

Because of all the above, Greece actually stands for the land that every man must visit at least once. What are you waiting for? Kalo Taxidi!

Beach on the Peloponnese
Beach on the Peloponnese


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