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Beautiful Harper's Ferry, West Viginia

Updated on September 30, 2014

Harper's Ferry, West Virginia

Harper's Ferry WV.

For those of us who enjoy travel and love history this is a beautiful place with a great deal of history. I have been traveling to Harper's Ferry for years; I love the beauty of the place. There are so many things to see and do in and around Harper's Ferry. Here is a list of the top attractions that I have found:

1. Ghost Tours of Harper's Ferry this is a one hour walking tour around the lower part of Harper's Ferry, very entertaining and interesting.

2. Harper's Ferry National Historic Park is 3,700 acres covering three states, Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland.

3.River Riders if you want to whitewater raft, tube, zip line, canoe, bike of climb you can do it here.

4. Appalachian National Scenic Trail is full of hiking trails good for the person who loves nature and enjoys hiking.

5. Harper's Ferry Zip Line Canopy Tours

6. John Brown Wax Museum - very nice, takes you through the history of John Brown and his involvement in Harper's Ferry and the Civil War

7. The Haunted Cottage/Booth House this is for someone who has a taste for the paranormal, it is a paranormal training facility come with an open mind and have fun.

8. O' Be Joyful Historical Tours and Entertainment this is a historical tour featuring concerts with music from the civil war era and Irish music, educational and fun.

9. Nearby you can find a Flea Market and Charles Town Races and Slots.

Here is a list of Places to Stay

Bed and Breakfasts

1. Laurel Lodge

2. The Angler's Inn

3. Harper's Ferry Guest House

4. The Jackson Rose

Regular Hotels

1. Econo Lodge Harper's Ferry

2. Hampton Inn and Suites Charles Town

Camping in the area

Harper's Ferry KOA

Not only is Harper's Ferry a beautiful and historic place to visit it is close to other interesting and historic places as well. Gettysburg, Pa. is only a short drive from Harper's Ferry and Washington DC as well. Harper's Ferry is a great weekend getaway or a week vacation, with so much to see and do you will never get bored here!

Velzipmur aka Shelly Wyatt

Harper's Ferry, WV.

View from Harper's Ferry overlooking the Potomac River
View from Harper's Ferry overlooking the Potomac River

History of Harper's Ferry

What do we remember Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia for? The Civil War of course, it is best known for John Brown’s Raid on the armory in 1859. This town is located on a low-lying area created by two rivers and surrounded by higher ground.

The lower part of Harper’s Ferry is located within the Harper’s Ferry National Historical Park, the rest of it is more populated and is included in the separate Harper’s Ferry Historic District. There are two National Register of Historic Places properties that adjoin in the town; they are the B&O Railroad Potomac River Crossing and St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church.

The American Civil War was a bad time for Harper’s Ferry; it changed hands eight times between 1861 and 1865. This was due to the town’s strategic location on the railroad.

In the beginning of the 20th century, Harper’s Ferry became a resort for travelers arriving by train from Washington, D. C., and Baltimore. They found it to be a great place for entertainment, and many people would come and spend weekends at Harper’s Ferry. Its popularity faded after the Great Depression, and devastating floods rocked the area washing away the resort trade. In 1944, it became a National Park; the majorities of the homes in Harper’s Ferry are historic and are registered in the National Register of Historic Places.

Harper's Ferry, WV.

Beautiful View
Beautiful View

Harper's Ferry

Railroad at Harper's Ferry
Railroad at Harper's Ferry

Harper's Ferry

Travel Harper's Ferry, West Virginia

A markerHarper's Ferry, West Virginia -
Harpers Ferry, WV, USA
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beautiful travel destination with lots to see and do!

Travel Harper's Ferry, West Virginia

5 stars for Harper's Ferry, West Virginia


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      It is! The beauty there is breathtaking. Even if you don't care about history there is so much to see and do.

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      The railroad bridge looks like part of an awesome hike!