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Visit Pha Taem in east Thailand for an exciting travel experience

Updated on September 3, 2012
Pha Taem national park in East Thailand
Pha Taem national park in East Thailand

Thailand is an amazing country filled with eco-friendly ambiance and this is one reason more and more environmental freaks love to visit the country. In my previous hubs, I have talked about Ubon Ratchathani and opting for a private tour in Thailand. In this hub I want to bring out the fascinating features of one popular national park in east Thailand, Pha Taem. Out of the 25 national parks located in the east Thailand region, Pha Taem is very popular for its 3000 yrs old ancient cave paintings, awesome cliff views of Laos and green forests spread over a great area.

History of Pha Taem

Pha Taem is an exciting national park in the east Thailand, 25 kms from the popular city Ubon Ratchatani. This park is spread over an area of 140kms and is filled with hills and plateaus. The most significant feature of this national park is the presence of ancient rock paintings. These cave paintings depict an ancient history of 3000 yrs. Students from Silpakorn University were exploring this place in 1981 when they found these graceful rock paintings. These rock paintings talk about the civilization, habitation, culture and life style of the ancestors.

Pha Taem cliff in this park is a delight to watch. This cliff can be best seen, standing at the Mekong River and facing the steep edge of the cliff. This edge is spread over 180mts and contains some outstanding rock carvings, depicting animals, people, tools and crops of the ancient civilization. Chana Dai Cliff is another important place to spend your time.

Wild life habitation of Pha Taem

Pha Taem houses some of the rare wild life species like Gibbons, Macaques and wild bears. If you happen to visit this east Thailand national park in the main season, you get to watch some rare bird species. October and November are the two important months wherein there are blooming springs of beautiful and elegant flowers which is a real delight to watch. If your tour to east Thailand falls within this season make sure to watch these amazing delights. Kaeng Tana national park is located adjacent to Pha Taem and you can plan a single visit to both these sites.

Amusing locations

One of the attractive locations in this Pha Taem park is the Son Sawai waterfalls. People who are tired of walking through the dense forests and green plateaus can take a pause and enjoy these amusing waterfalls. These waterfalls are formed from two waterways and if you look at this area from top, it resembles a necklace. There is a large flower field behind these waterfalls to offer a thrilling experience for its visitors. People who love ecotourism can spend great time camping here. With dense greenery everywhere, you will have a great time, being close with the nature. While all the national parks in east Thailand have at least one camping site, accommodation is not provided everywhere. It is good if you can arrange for your accommodation beforehand.

If you visit Isaan Thailand in the main season, make sure to plan your accommodation lot earlier as you would find it difficult to get a room later. Hire an efficient travel agency who can customize your travel package according to your specific needs to make your trip an exciting travel experience.

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