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Visit Ubon Ratchathani of Thailand to enjoy a great travel place

Updated on December 7, 2011
Isaan cuisine in ubon ratchatani
Isaan cuisine in ubon ratchatani

In my earlier hub about private tour in Thailand, I have touched some of the best travel places in the beautiful country, Thailand. With so many amazing touring hotspots available in the country, I felt it would not be possible to incorporate all these splendid travel attractions in one hub. So I am going to write more hubs on Thailand, explaining some important places in detail. There are beaches and holiday resorts to enjoy in this country. However, for people who are fed up with beaches and want to enjoy serenity and eco-friendly ambiance while enjoying the artistic architecture can visit Ubon Ratchathani, a popular city in the northeast region of Thailand. Of all the cities in Thailand, I love this particular place for its versatile magnificence.

Civilization trends of Ubon Ratchatani

Ubon Ratchathani is a popular city located on the north bank of Mun River. The city is situated 629kms from the capital city, Bangkok. Ubon, the city and the province, was founded in late 1700s. Ubon is also popularly known as the royal lotus city. Ubonratchathani exhibits great diversity when it comes to history and culture with Thao Kham Pung founding this city, Japanese people greatly influencing it during the Second World War and US, Britain and Australian forces making their mark at the later stages. However, the rich Isaan heritage and culture is still seen here in the architecture, civilization and cuisines.

Economy of Ubon

While Ubonratchathani is heading towards modernization, there is still a sense of calm and serene atmosphere which touches us in style. The population is not very high but growing rapidly every day, owing to the migration of several people from nearby places in search of education, jobs and businesses. With the main income coming from agriculture, the city boasts of a green environment everywhere.

Candle festival, a popular event in Ubon Ratchathani
Candle festival, a popular event in Ubon Ratchathani

Historic culture of Ubonratchatani

Ubon displays a great elegance of history, culture and architecture mixed together. The ancient temples and parks like Thung Si Muang host some of the outstanding art pieces like the 22 mts candle sculpture and the statute of Phra Phatumvoraratsuriyawang. Wat Nong Bua hosts the popular angular chedi, built in 1957. Wat Pah Nanachat is another popular international forest monastery and an abode for Buddhist monks coming here from several places. If you are fond of beauty, amusing waterfalls greet you with a great sense of bliss. Do not forget to visit Lan Hin wild flower fields. This is an awesome place wherein you get to see a wide variety of flowers blooming everywhere.

Ubon Candle Festival

One important event in Ubon Ratchatani and the whole northeast region of Thailand is the popular candle festival. If you are visiting Ubon in the month of July, you would get an opportunity to see the famous candle festival, one of the most beautiful festivals of Thai. People create candles in outstanding models and styles to present them to the monks there. This is when the monks spend the whole time reading and learning and these candles symbolize the enlightenment.


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