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Visit Xapuri Brazil- Cultural Attractions and Things to Do on Holiday

Updated on October 15, 2016

Bairro da Bolívia, Xapuri

Bairro da Bolívia, Xapuri
Bairro da Bolívia, Xapuri | Source

Xapuri Brazil and Environmental Activist Chico Mendes

Xapuri Brazil is known for it natural beauty and connections to the international farming community. Sustainable agriculture has been championed here for many years by the activist Chico Mendes. Mendes was eventually killed by ranchers who were opposed to what he stood for but his legacy remains.

The Legacy of Chico Mendes

Xapuri Brazil Latex Production

Xapuri is an important source of latex. Most of the latex that comes from this part of Brazil is produced by subsistence farmers. Latex collectors have struggled for years to block the destruction of Brazilian forests. They made great strides through the efforts of Chico Mendes, who was eventually honored for his work in the region.

Iracema Falls Brazil

Iracema Falls Brazil
Iracema Falls Brazil

Rubber technology guidelines: Latex tapping practice

Get The Burning Season : The Chico Mendes Story [VHS] on Amazon

The Burning Season : The Chico Mendes Story [VHS]- Customer Reviews

"Puerto-Rican born actor Raul Julia, gives on of the final performances of his gifted life as Chico Mendes. Brazilian actress Sonia Braga also lends her talents to this important film that was filmed in Mexico's Yucatan region. Both actors, as well as the film's realism add depth and realism to a film that should be watched by all"

Visit the Grave of Chico Mendes

Chico Mendes played an important role in making people outside of Xapuri aware of the rights and work of forest people. The environmentalist leader's grave can be found in the cemetery near the Museu Xapuri.

Small scale subsistence farmers who earn their income from the trees that form part of the Brazilian forest fought hard to maintain their rights against large scale farmers. The Forest Peoples Alliance, or Alianca dos Povos da Floresta is one of the movements focused on defending the rights of small scale farmers in Xapuri. It was co-founded by Chico Mendes.

Voice Of The Amazon

Xapuri Attractions- Places to Visit in Xapuri

Interesting places to visit in Xapuri include:

  • Xa restaurant horizonte- Hotel Belo Horizonte
  • Town center, home to various townhouses and historical buildings
  • Rua do Comercio- a great place to find shops, eateries and other attractions


Hotel Belo Horizonte

Hotel Belo Horizonte
Hotel Belo Horizonte

Recycling and Brazilian Latex Production

Brazil is often associated with the environment and green living. This is partly because the Amazon rainforest is one of earth's largest natural resources. It is a storehouse of unique animals and valuable plants that have medicinal value.

As people in communities around the world grow and learn how to use our resources more effectively, we try to reduce waste. One of the ways in which we eliminate or lessen our waste is by reusing and recycling materials. Latex from Brazilian trees is used to make rubber. That is used in tires and other consumer products.

At one point in history, Americans threw away about 240 million tires every year. That's a lot of waste. Attempts are made to recycle the rubber that is used to make those tires. Usually, the rubber for recycling is ground into crumbs. The rubber crumbs can then be utilized in the production of new items. It is also added to asphalt and used for paving surfaces.

Coffee Harvesting at Cachoeira Plantation

Things to Do in Xapuri- Eco Friendly Tourism in Brazil

Xapuri is a great place to visit if you want to learn more about Brazil or see how small farmers in Brazil work. You can also experience the Brazilian rainforest firsthand. One of the popular things to do in Xapuri involves agriculture.

Visitors can take a tour of a rubber plantation and see how latex is extracted from trees. Guides can be booked to accompany groups on their tour. Usually, it is better to book a guide for a Xapuri latex plantation tour in advance of your trip there.

The Chico Mendes Smallholding can be found on Cachoeira Plantation. Along with others, he helped to create a number of areas in Xapuri which preserve natural assets and ensure that income generating activities in the region will continue. These are known as Sustainable Use Conservation Areas.

Brazilian Crafts

Igrejade São Sebastião

Igrejade São Sebastião
Igrejade São Sebastião

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Lonely Planet Brazil (Travel Guide)- Customer Reviews

"Headed to the World Cup 2014, I bought this book to do the planning for the trip. This really streamlined our visit and recommended a number of places to visit that missed the attention of the travel agencies! I highly recommend this book!"

Shopping in Xapuri and Traditional Brazilian Cuisine- Local Xapuri Food

The Town Center is one of the best places to shop in Xapuri. There you will find a wide range of interesting dishes and locally produced crafts. If you want to find something unique, visit Rua do Comercio. Several local crafts persons make their artwork available there and you can find a number of interesting items for sale, including:

  • Jewelry made from natural materials
  • Beautiful and functional items made using seeds

Traditional Brazilian Cuisine- Local Xapuri Food

Trying the food of a new country is one of the more enjoyable things to do while you are there. Foodies will be able to taste quite a few local dishes. Some of these dishes are prepared using the same traditional methods that were used by Brazilians who originally came from Bolivia and some are prepared in an Arabic style.

Local Xapuri cuisine that is available in the town will add to your experience. Try dishes such as:

  • Sun-dried beef
  • Saltenhas
  • Spicy rice with beans
  • Stuffed vine leaves

Habitações Populares, Xapuri

Habitações Populares, Xapuri
Habitações Populares, Xapuri


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