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Visit scotland castles of the north east

Updated on November 5, 2010

Scottish castles

A must for tourists

If castles are the thing that floats your boat , then there is no better place than the north east of Scotland ,to explore a wealth of Scottish history. Each castle has a different story to tell. Coming in all shapes and sizes, from rugged structures, to fairytale towers, and elegant country house granduar..Let your mind wander back and imaging what might have taken place where you now stand.

The castle trail

The best way to visit a wide range and variety of the region's mystical castles, is to Take Scotland’s only castle trail, a selection of thirteen unique castles. Simply follow the trail With its white on brown signs and a blue castle logo, which leads you through the heart of Aberdeenshire, it couldn't be a simpler day out. You will be guided along the greatest adventure of Scotland historic castles. Experience the romance and history of these restored family castles, ruins, and stately homes. Ranging from the imposing Castle Fraser, to the magnificent Fyvie Castle, home to ghosts, legends and folklore.

A few must visit castles in this area are featured next.

Balmoral castle.

“This dear paradise in the highlands”

is how Queen Victoria described Balmoral castle. The private holiday residence for the royal family in Scotland was purchased by Queen Victoria in 1852 The royal couple decided to demolish the existing fifteenth century castle and erect a new one. The original castle was considered too small for the needs of the .Royal Family and the present castle was built nearby, The Scottish baronial style castle was completed by 1856, Albert participated in the design. The granite came from the neighbouring quarries of Glen Gelder, which produced a near white stone.

Today it is the private home of the Queen and her family. They occupy Balmoral throughout much of the summer holiday period. Victoria's original 6,350 acre estate has been expanded to its present 50,000 acres which include some truly panoramic scenery.

The ballroom is the only part of castle where the public are allowed entrance. It contains exhibits of porcelain,silver,various paintings, and displays of highland dress. On the grounds are many memorials to the royal family, along with gardens, country walks, souvenir shops, a cafeteria, and pony trekking.

Slians castle.

Slains Castle, an eerie ruin on the cliff tops, is said to have inspired Bram Stoker to write "Dracula"

There are, actually two Slains Castles on this stretch of coast. The original was built in the 1200s as a fortress. But in 1594 the owner, the Earl of Erroll backed a plot against King James V1 by the Earl of Huntly, James responded by blowing up Old Slains Castle, and only ruins remain today.The new Slains castle was built about 6 miles to the east. The Earl of Erroll returned from exile in 1597 and made his peace with James. Rather than try to rebuild Slains, he instead used a tower house at Bowness as the basis for a new Slains Castle.

Because of its dangerous location, a visit to Slians should be undertaken with care. However, it is one place in the country where you won?t have any difficulty imagining yourself back in the times of the feuds between the clans. Everything about Slains Castle gives you a creepy feeling, leaving no doubt as to what inspired Bram Stoker. And if you are on your own, with the only sounds the crashing of the waves on the rocks below and the cry of the many gulls, then Slains Castle really can begin to play on the mind


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    • lyndre profile image

      lyndre 7 years ago from Scotland

      Thanks for the comments.

      KTB.I hope to either add too or make further hubs on the different areas of Scotland.

    • France Travel Inf profile image

      France Travel Inf 7 years ago

      I really enjoyed this! Scotland is one of our favorite destinations so it is always nice to see destination ideas.

    • kids-toy-box profile image

      kids-toy-box 7 years ago

      Informative and has the makings of a fine hub... I'm just a little dissappointed not to see Inverness in here? It is one of the most famous Scottish castles made famous by Shakespeares Macbeth.