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Visit the serene St. John’s River Valley

Updated on March 21, 2016

The river St. John is the longest river of Eastern Canada that runs along the western most side of New Brunswick and touches the borders of Quebec till it reaches the Bay of Fundy. The area that runs paralleled along the St. John’s River valley is clearly marked and is known as the Fiddlehead Scenic Drive. The path is named so because of the brakes that grow along the rivers and streams which flow through here in spring time. You should take a little time at the Grand Falls and see the river take a plunge into 75 feet deep gorge.

If you are interested in buying the ash wood baskets that are a tradition in the area, you can visit the Tobique First Nation reserve. Have a great wool spinning experience at the Kings Landing Historical Settlement. Take your time when you are moving in this area because each bend of the river has something new to offer in respect of the cultural history of New Brunswick. The village is the busiest during the June to September stretch as this is the most festive time. The markets are most profitable during the springtime and the fall seasons. The festivals that celebrate are Edmundston’s La Foire Brayonne and Fredericton’s Harvest Jazz and Blues Fest. This festival celebrates over five days, and the whole cultural celebration done in the honour of the Republic of Madawaska.

You can choose to fly to Fredericton and then rent a car to drive towards north on the secondary highway. You could also rent a kayak that is available in many of the towns. The narrowest area of the river comes just outside the Grand Falls town from where you can choose to have a boat ride along the canyon. You can visit the Grand Falls that happens to be the largest waterfall in the country that is almost 75 foot in length.

St. Johns River Valley

In the Heritage Preservation Area, you can get a good bed and breakfast hotel. These places where you can stay are the ones that have the best Victorian experience as the rooms, and the outdoor pools are always heated enough to keep you warm and comfortable. The breakfasts offered by these hotels are usually four-course ones that include cheese croissant, fresh fruit, egg, baked gingerbread cookies and oatmeal. To reach the restaurants that are the nearest, you could use the guest bikes or choose to walk. The area has many pubs and trails that you could see.

The best French fry of the whole country is available in this area. The factories of the area are the third largest producer of chips in the world. You can try out the best chocolate fudge potato cakes and the beautiful caramel chips. The farm markets are open from the month of June to September, and they are the best known for their jams, maple tarts, butter and spices. The area is surely worth a visit.


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